June 10, 2023


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Marcin Dorociński is the star of the new film from the author of Leave No Traces. What will be the theme of “Minghun”?

Marcin Dorochinsky He will be the star of the new movie Jean B. Matusinsky. “Minghun” It is an international project. Casting took place in part in the United States, Great Britain and France, and the characters communicate in Polish, English and Chinese.

What do we know about “Minghun,” a joint venture between Marcin Dorociński and Jan P. Matuszyński?

“Minghun” This is York’s story.Marcin Dorochinskywho, after losing his daughter with his father-in-law Ben,Daxing Chang) decides to perform the Chinese minghun ritual, that is, to marry after death. The film is a story about hope, love, the search for the meaning of life and beyond. It talks about the most important feelings and existential limits of the human experience. The characters embark on a metaphorical, emotionally turbulent journey into themselves, the purpose of which is to find the perfect partner for the forever deceased. The clash of two very different cultures is to help make both the film’s characters and the viewer aware that no matter our origin, we all come from one human family, where basic emotions are common.

Director Jan B. Matusinski is the recipient of numerous film awards, and the author of, among others, “The Last Family”Series “king” Or presented in the main competition of the 78th Venice Film Festival “Let there be no trace.”. Marcin Dorochinsky partners Daxing Changa Hollywood actor of Chinese descent, whose filmography includes “matrix” And “Charlie’s Angels”. They will be accompanied by rising stars from the younger generation: Natalie Boy And Antique SztabaAnd in other roles, among others Elena StaryjkyAnd Victoria GorodetskayaAnd Vinfen HuangAnd Kwong LokAnd Yuk Han And Brid Ni Neachtain.

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