Małgorzata Socha's earnings are appalling.  He no longer has to act in movies - Super Express

Lovers of acting talent Margaret Socha They will look for him in vain in the new film productions, and there are few of them in the series. The last film with her participation was shown in cinemas three years ago. Recently Socha also quit his role in “Na Wspólnej” Tapeworm.where she appeared regularly for several years. As we found out Her character will be killed. Zuza will get into an accident, after which she will fall into a coma, and soon she will die. It is said that the series “Przyjaciółki”, which Polsat has aired as many as 20 seasons, is also over.

This is convenient for Maigosia, because, as you say, She quit her role in “Na Wspólnej” to make more time for her family. And although there are no new roles, you don’t have to worry about finances, because Sosha is the real advertising queen. And I don’t promote anything.

Małgorzata Socha has been the face of furniture stores for several years. And one would think that after such a big featured campaign, Soosha wouldn’t be getting another ad soon. Nothing more wrong. In recent weeks alone, the actress has also begun promoting a global shampoo brand and a global makeup brand. for each of these ads You can earn up to 500,000 zlotys.

And it’s still not over yet. The most important Christmas campaign of a famous jewelry brand has reached billboards all over Poland. Sosha appears in it with her entire family – her mother and her husband, and for the first time in her life she also includes her daughters and son in advertising. In addition, the commercials were recorded at her home. For such a campaign, the actress could get 1 million zlotys.

Socha also earns big money on her Instagram. To put products and recommend perfumes or hair curlers, as well as alcohol recently, Małgosia can also collect 100 thousand per month.

So it is not surprising that they make money Almost 3 million a year on ads alone, no need to fight for roles in films and serials. And maybe she can live off ads alone — just like Marek Kondrat, 72, who gave up acting years ago. Every year he now earns at least 1 million zlotys from a bank advertisement, which he is very proud of.

However, the media expert claims that Magosia is still too young for that.

Małgorzata Socha can’t yet afford advertisements like Marek Kondrat. She is much younger and does not have this position yet. In addition, she can not only be known for acting in commercials. If he were to stop acting in the series, he would eventually disappear from commercials as well Dr. Wojciech Szalkiewicz (56 years old) tells us.

Therefore, we hope that the star will be able to find a middle ground between family life and work on the set of a new series or another successful movie. It’s such a shame for her comedic talent and irresistible charm.

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