Sam Raimi reopens “Hell’s Gate”?
Do you remember the “gate to hell”? – A great 2009 Sam Raimi horror comedy? If so, and you’re a fan, we have good news. The master of horror is still considering making a sequel to it. Perhaps the project will have a chance to take off.

Can we count on a sequel to Hell’s Gate?

In a Q&A panel conducted on Reddit, the director spoke to fans about his latest production – the action thriller “65” with Adam Driver. And by the way – about his previous works. When asked about a possible sequel to Hell’s Gate, he replied, “The My Ghost House Pictures team is really thinking about it, Rommel Adam and José Canas are looking for an idea that will surprise them. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. good news?

The original tells the story of a bank employee with a gypsy curse. And it contained everything your heart could wish for: pentagrams and bank letters, Satanism Lamia and killer flies, goats and a Mexican psychic. and a cartoon-like anvil falling on the head of a wild man. Plus the flashiest promotional tagline in horror history: “Kristen Brown is doing well, a great friend, and a bright future. But in three days… he’s going to hell.” Below, you’ll find an episode of the “Bloody Talk” podcast dedicated to the movie:

Sam Raimi – How do we know him?

For fans of horror films and superheroes, Sam Raimi needs no introduction. The creator of “Evil Dead”, a trilogy of films about Spider-Man or the latest “Doctor Strange in the multiversity of madness”, he is also producing other projects. Recent projects include horror films like Sanctuary, Don’t Breathe 2, Scary Stories, The Grudge: The Curse, and Umma. Here’s the trailer for his latest production, “65”:

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