Małgorzata Kożuchowska wants to return to television.  Will TVN accept it under its roof?

Małgorzata Kożuchowska She played Anna Sobieska in the comedy “Zoza”, directed by Thomas Konecki. The picture was based on a book by Ilona Sipkovska, a well-known screenwriter.

Unfortunately, the Poles did not like her latest work, which had few successes in cinemas, despite the high expectations of distributors.

During the weekend premiere, the comedy was watched by only 53.8 thousand. Viewers (including pre-premiere shows – 56.5 thousand). Movie theater owners focused on Polish comedy, believing that it would repeat the success of “Kunik Shwayat or Kugel Mogl 4”. However, this did not happen.

The average viewer preferred to choose a different movie than pay for a ticket to “Zołza”. This low turnout may have been due to the opinions of critics who evaluated the production harshly, noting that it deals with serious matters such as depression or burnout and ultimately makes fun of them.

Perhaps the failure of “Zołza” prompted Małgorzata Kożuchowska to look for a more lucrative job that a job in television could provide. On the day of filming, a famous actress can claim up to several thousand zlotys.

As reported by “Fakt”, Kożuchowska appears quite often on TVN programmes. Recently, she was seen on the sofas “Dzień Dobry TVN”, and after a few days she moved to the Kuba Wojewódzki studio. She also went to the TVN Foundation Ball, where she excelled among colleagues from the industry.

Recently, TVN also broadcast an episode of “Kulisów fame”, in which the main character was Małgorzata.

It is worth noting that the famous “Hanka Mstwick” previously collaborated with the station, appearing in the series “Second Chance”, as well as in “Mutiwa”.

However, it is not known whether Kożuchowska often visited under the roof of TVN in order to obtain a permanent job. The interested person has not confirmed this revelation yet.

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