All saints.  Candles and chrysanthemums are much more expensive - at least 50 percent.

The increase in the price of the candles that we want to put on the graves on November 1st will be significant. This situation is due to a number of factors, such as high gas fees and fewer intermediaries.

The price of the candles will be at least 70% higher. – He said in Polsat News Jerzy Wielgus, Candle Producer from Staszów. “It’s all because of the difficulty in obtaining raw materials,” he added.

Wielgus stated that The cost of the glass itself is 50 percent. Up to 80 percent more. – Thanks to the Kielce glass business, we do not have very large increases, but this situation will change from next year – said the producer.

– He noted that the pellets used to fill candles, due to the discontinuation of the Russian market, also became more expensive. He added that despite the increases it won’t but Product availability problem.

– It is noteworthy that the candle will be much cheaper at the manufacturer than at the seller in front of the gate at the cemetery – and stamp.

The increases will also affect flower prices. Since November 1 is approaching, you will have to pay more for chrysanthemums.

– It would be expensive on Halloween – Ryszard Tursky, a potted flower producer, told Polsat News. – 50 percent increase. It will be minimal – added.

Tursky notes that it all comes down to the rising costs of electricity, plastic and fertilizer. – We also can not forget about fuel prices, which rose several hundred percent – he said.

– Tursky noted that we depend on wholesale supplies of coal to producers. – We have already exhausted our stock in spring – added. The producer noted that two thousand zlotys per ton of fine coal is a lethal price for producers.

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– wage increase, These salaries were usually 30 percent. production costs, also has a significant impact on the final price – Turski noted. “It all adds up to the very expensive flowers this year,” he added.

The chrysanthemum producer notes that the temperature of this plant should be high. – Chrysanthemums cannot stand in the air with too high humidity. It is very demanding – sum up the product.

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