Relivo: Vinicius threatened to strike via Real Madrid's online post

satisfaction It was reported that before the first leg in Mestalla against Valencia, which was sparked by the issue of racism, Real Madrid itself created a problem with Vinicius in this regard. She appeared on the royal family's Instagram stories With a photo of the Brazilian framed by a poster bearing the logo of Vini Vici – an Israeli DJ duo. The problem is that their logo is a monkey evolving a human, specifically at the end of DJ.

The portal adds that the entry was removed from the profile after 30 minutes, when someone pointed out the error to the hosts. However, the photo has already reached Vinicius, who demanded an explanation from the club. satisfaction He claims that it was CEO José Ángel Sanchez himself, the second person after CEO Florentino Pérez, who had to put out the fire and calm the Brazilian down.

satisfaction Reports stated that the player demanded that officials be punished, and was so angry that he considered refusing to play for Valencia. The general manager promised to take the necessary measures in this regard and punish those responsible, and the issue was very serious because it was raised before such an important match for the Brazilian. The explanation for the whole scandal was that if someone searched for the word “Vini” in the posters, the DJs' logo would appear first.

Since this incident, the Royal Palace has ordered silence on the matter and tightened control over posts on social media. satisfaction He claims more than a dozen employees asked about the situation, except for one who confirms the entire story, and the rest avoided the matter. The most important people in the club were astonished that such an entry would appear at such a time. Perhaps the reason for the controversy surrounding the clash with Valencia was that no one noticed in the end. This also helped calm the player himself, who eventually played at Mestalla and scored twice for Valencia.

satisfaction He concludes that as the days passed, the tension subsided. Vinicius accepted the sanctions imposed on the employees responsible for the incident and did not protest in any way against the team's departure. The royal team tried to show its full support for the 23-year-old player by admitting his mistake. Ultimately, it all came to an end with the crisis resolved, but as the site points out, Vinny showed that he would not tolerate a single racist gesture, especially from his club.

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