Elden ring like gym.  Do you prefer cinema?  stay away from this game [RECENZJA]

Demon Souls fashion somehow missed me. It was a matter of chance rather than choice, although I’ve never tried to explore the series myself. Assassin’s Creed has become your beloved tapeworm. Elden Ring has already caught the trailers, however, they can interest And I couldn’t wait to dive into this world that was supposed to bring soul mechanics to the open world.

I was particularly fond of the stand-up and double-jump mechanics, but I was also looking forward to the well-tested combat system that looked exceptional. At the same time, I was afraid that the already legendary difficulty level would make me games bounce quickly. And you were right.

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The Elden ring rejoices…

It’s definitely a nice game. I wouldn’t be original when I say the aesthetics are similar to Zdzisław Beksiński’s paintings. It is really a pleasure to delve into this disgusting world. The graphics, character models and landscapes are top notch. However, at the same time, I still had the impression that I couldn’t see them fullAlthough I was playing on a 65 inch TV. It might have been related to the console you played Elden Ring on, and on PS5 will the effect go away? However, I suspect it has something to do with the general dark nature of this production, which also affects the lighting. So, while the landscape is gorgeous, it didn’t impress as powerfully as the Assassin’s Creed series, or the witcher 3.

At first, we are greeted by the character builder. It is similar to what we know from The Elder Scrolls, so we can modify almost any part of the body. For fans of this fun, it’s definitely a great feature, but it pissed me off after a few minutes. The more armor we wore and that basically defined our appearance. Until then, but more on that later.

This is the first time a game in the Souls series (although Elden Ring is a spiritual heir and not a story) has had an open world. Exploration can be overwhelming due to its enormity and sinister nature, but it has its own charm. Especially since the mountain called Struga makes you move the map Fun too. We can dash between boulders on the Struga and jump just about anywhere. Using summon magic here, it was possible to avoid situations where we cannot be reached because he is stuck between the fence and the house, which is what happened in many games. In the Elden Ring, this is unlikely, because we will not find many buildings on the map.

…but also frustrating and boring

For a guy who has never played Soulsy before to master the mechanics games It is completely raw. Lots of stats, PS2 controls (seriously, backwards with a triangle? Not 2006, we’ve had completely different habits for 15 years). I spent 30 hours playing the game and I still have no idea what most of these stats mean. Even the tutorial doesn’t explain it in an accessible way.

Elden Ring made me change all my habits from other games. Dribbling is the basis of combat mechanics. It is especially tiring at first. I gave up the first time after six hours. I wandered around the map trying to defeat opponents I had no chance of facing. It was incredibly frustrating, he even kicked me out of the game. It was also the first time I wanted to run to the store and buy a PS5 with an SSD drive. In Elden Ring you die so much that there are hours where you spend more time staring at the loading screen than the actual gameplay. Launch this production on console new The gel can greatly improve my experience with the Elden Ring, as the load times are much shorter.

Over time, I was able to find enemies that I could kill and the game got its taste back. I definitely didn’t make the task any easier by choosing a wizard as the first character, because it’s usually more difficult to master. On top of that, Elden Ring doesn’t tell you how to play at all. It got easier for me when it turned out that the wizard’s armor wasn’t completely necessary. Without her or with her, I would die after the same number of blows. However, when I took it off, my quirks turned out to be much faster and more effective. The fact that it took me 20 hours to get it right shows that I haven’t played similar productions for a long time. Perhaps experienced fans of the series know this well, others will have to either patiently find out on their own, or watch the evidence.

After this discovery, the game turned red again. Several new spells appeared, and the first boss was defeated. I was bored again. You finished the first world, started the second, and it came to my mind compared to platform games from the ’90s, where you had to repeat the same sets of moves over and over to get to where you were before and die a little more. And again until we reach the end. This is what the Elden ring looked like. Because even though the world is quite large and diverse, locations like dungeons were frequent, and the same was true for enemies. Furthermore, there was a slight rotation in the spells I used. These were worse than weapons, because they didn’t even have the stats to choose if they wanted to spend their long-chosen money on a hopelessly weak spell. In addition, it was difficult to defeat the bosses. So much so that I had to access the manual a few times so as not to crash the console.

The Elden ring is not for everyone

I am one of the players for whom the story is more important than the game itself. Elden Ring slowly discovers the cards on both sides. The high entry threshold is in no way offset by the engaging story. This is rudimentary and although I know it is going somewhere, I am impatient after 30 hours. However, I am still curious to know the fate of my hero, so the plot is definitely not boring. The created world, which is reminiscent of medieval post-apocalyptic fiction, is in a way fantastical. However, I need more repetitive stimulation to drive the plot to continue playing Elden Ring with pleasure.

The world is a hero in itself. This is enough for many people. Well, there hasn’t been a game for so long that would generate as much material as the Elden Ring. Discovering the map and new and more and more strange ways to defeat your opponents is already a new fashion on YouTube. So FromSoftware has undoubtedly created a game that has been highly regarded and recognized by gamers.

However, everyone will taste this dish differently, although there is a large group of people who love this type of game. I’m not one of them, and anyone who likes The Witcher 3 because of the plot, I’d advise against this production. Especially since no game has caused me so much frustration in a long time. Furthermore, I would not recommend the Elden Ring to those who had no prior experience with Souls or wore them off. However, if you like a challenge, your heart starts to beat faster upon seeing gothic and turbot aesthetics like Beksiński, then add a couple of stitches to my review. Because it is not a bad game, but not everyone can derive pleasure, or at least satisfaction, from it. I might get myself back into the game, when I forget how much frustration it cost me and how bored it was. This shows that we have managed to create an interesting world that we want to return to, despite some flaws.

Rating: 7/10

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