PlayStation State of Play - June 2022. News, Announcements & Trailers.  How do you rate the event?

Sony just finished State of Play in June. The event also featured new games targeting PS5, PS4, and PC, but now is the time to sum up the event. How do you rate the offer?

PlayStation State of Play – June 2022. . Editors’ Rating

Present: As for the state of play, which was different, this time we basically got meat. Resident Evil 4 looks like a complete remake and will still run in early 2023, when it will be tight again with the first shows. These are the times when the line-up is more exciting in the first quarter of the new year than in the fall and holiday season. PS VR 2 will get you some good tips to get started, and Horizon will look beautiful. Let the support never expire in the first year in the market. Callisto Protocol is the new Dead Space and I really want to play it! A black horse is unlike anything. Stray also looks “attractive” in its own way and I enjoyed Street Fighter VI, although I hope the game won’t be released without 80% content this time around. At the end of Final Fantasy XVI – I’m waiting, because Fajnal has always been Fajnal, but it’s not the magnetism it used to be. The trailer is a bit chaotic, the characters in the cut scenes look… well, they don’t, although the gameplay itself promises to be interesting. In other words – a very beautiful version of State of Play, concise, with robust, defined and dynamically modified productions.

Result: 5/6

miss you: Sony did not disappoint by offering an interesting scene that is full of third-party productions. After all, Resident Evil 4 Remake has officially arrived, and we’ve even seen Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI – it’s a shame all games will debut in 2023. This will be a tough period for the wallets again. Fortunately, Callisto Protocol will hit the market in December, and Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC. This is a big surprise, because I thought the company would decide to offer many other titles to PC gamers earlier. I’m sorry for one thing – there wasn’t a specific bombshell we hadn’t heard of.

Result: 5/6

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