Cyberpunk 2077 - Rescue #1.03, have we been waiting for it?

In practice, not much has changed here. The vision of a dark future that popular CD Projekt RED (in) continues is a colossal mixture of all kinds of iconoclasm, better AI, and cyber psychosis. On the go, it’s a surefire and unique combination. It is futile to search for a city similar to the density of streets and alleys against the background of new prints. Night City presents this bug festival with a special charm. Playing the latest achievements of the Varsovians, I clearly felt that I existed in this cyberpunk. Presence is also dictated by the Wild Hunt pillar, which still proudly represents the heyday of the study. Cyberpunk 2077 appears to be slowly establishing a new direction, but is somewhat ungrateful – the promotion of updates. Thus, the chaos that followed the premiere is a short story about how to turn the obvious into success, and not always an effective exercise.

cat is important

For starters, the conditions of the supposedly new update matter. After all, hotfixes and updates marked with consecutive bits of numbers – are completely different classes of repairs. So, is the prospect of a kitten in apartment V one of the main attractions of the “bigger update”? Well, in my humble opinion This is a highly debatable issue. Since I love to swing around the neon-colored night city, I decided to take a look at the stream prepared by the somewhat new generation of CD Projekt. It wasn’t without proverbial laughs, pointless jokes, or a mediocre attempt at a typical English accent. I turned a blind eye to all of this, because the main course was to be the first DLC selected. We all know how it happened. An alternate version of Johny Silverhand captures the image of this well-defined character after all. In fact, that’s the highlight of the show for me.

Airtime effectively distracts from repeating optional tasks. I mean hard performance of contracts divided into categories. The complete and integrated game system provides variable possibilities for a particular mission path through our actions. However, this is not the level we know of as Dishonored by Arkane Studios, for example. Cyberpunk is simply too broad a view. This is a common downside to unlocking world games. Most of the mechanics are done fairly conservatively. I dedicate this post to the future straight from the year 2077, so let’s focus on the lack of workshop in the game. The whole vision of the project, in my opinion, is several contradictory chapters of the production period. It all seems as if the concept of the game has completely changed in an instant. Hence the view from the eyes of the character. Previous assumptions spoke of the game with a very similar structure to The Witcher. Nothing was left of it. All question marks and kinds of side activities (races, battles) are the primary school of the wolf. However it will not look the same.

CDP still has a lot of gameplay elements to improve. When the first information about the bonus content was released, I was very curious if it really was more than just redundant coloring pages. Having a cat in the apartment, a new car, or a charity appearance for the virtual version of Keanu Reeves is a miserable outcome of work. The list of modifications is very long. Mostly, it corrects many shortcomings during the story and additional missions. Well, maybe we were all hoping for more. It also emanates from a slight expression of desperation in the marketing and promotion departments. We are currently buying the game for a ridiculously small amount. Somewhere in the US the title was to be grabbed as part of a promotional price, PLN 38 – based on our price. Can it still be saved? Or perhaps for the company a tangible mark on the subject of expansion in subsequent large and large projects?

Twardy Insurance

Cyberpunk 2077 movie

By downloading the big update weighing around 40GB, I was counting on a huge success. After all, it’s a massive amount of data, one more since its December release, generated. What did you notice? Another unchanging concept of the studio responsible for the media coverage of the Geralt of Rivia story. In Cyberpunk 2077, both cinematic scenes and contextual sequences are rendered in real time on the game engine (RED Engine). The graphics looked a little nicer to me, but mainly during important story missions. To particularly check the actual difference, I decided to go through several threads for the main scenario. All in all, this is not very long. Unfortunately, the issue with better visuals is not related to the actual gameplay. As if it has become smoother (it runs on PlayStation 5), which is especially visible during more intense matches. NCPD, despite what Stanley says up front, has already given up a bit. They do not reproduce behind the head. Which has been one of the biggest problems since gr . appearedIt has relatively disappeared. However, the same very annoying problem i.e. pop-ups appearing still persists.

Still driving the classic Thorton, I occasionally witness the almost rude practice of reading environment items. Mainly fences or bulkheads. With all our behavioral Cyberpunk, not everyone goes through identical shortcomings. I hear a lot of comments where users complain that they play well. It is on the PlayStation 4. What has changed from bad to worse? Night City is now deserted. Because of this, the magic of this place began to fade in my eyes. It is a city with a visual idea and a specific vision. It has become more barren and more like visiting a model rather than a city filled with the lives of its inhabitants. As a result, the entire game will soon begin to lose its potential. Already, many people consider it an empty shell inflated with empty and unhealthy marketing. Is Night City some kind of embellishment for some great story missions? Prevalent and non-core scenarios? This is slowly becoming the case after the last update. Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the defining games of my career.

Unlike Wild Hunt, which I lived in for about a year, I returned to Night City with many breaks. It’s like a stepping stone from the rest of the games. After all, I was more interested in the history and vision of the city here. Under this outer dome of non-standard thoughts and dialogues are hidden many interconnected mechanics, seldom fully developed or contemplated. Now at least we’ll see Johnny in his new robe, the kitten no longer in the alleys, but in V’s apartment. And we’ll take a tour with the new car model. Just out of curiosity, I bought any car in the game. In my case, not really. Or maybe it’s time for a final, next-gen upgrade? The question is whether this will actually help. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this game. After all, I spent several dozen hours in Night City. With more or less rest periods. The history, the concept, the relationships and the characters are an event of the first order. However, you need to consider whether for you it is a pillar of the positive reception of the game. Funny, only for the first time in my life I checked the “patch”. Let’s go. Now also in the new Victor’s ripperdoc jacket. Did you pay him?

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