Ukrainian refugees destroyed the train?  The description of this video is fake

A recording of a car destroyed by passengers, which is now circulating on the web, was used to create another false message about the Ukrainians. We explain behind the damage.

The video, probably recorded by someone from the train crew, shows the destroyed interior of the car. There is rubbish on the floor and on the benches – mostly alcohol bottles. There are graffiti and posters on the walls. There are empty beer boxes in several places. The man registering a complaint about the mess left by the passengers (German speaking): “But it smells bad! What a mob! Here’s what happens…Another beer crate. But the bottle collector would be happy about that.” It does not explain who the passengers are. However, the description of this film in Polish publications says: “Germany, the engine driver appears in terror of the train that brought refugees from Ukraine. They were angry even in the sink and on the floor.”

Post a false description of a movie about a destroyed train Photo: Twitter

The same registration description on social media can be found in posts in other languages: po EinglishAnd the GermanAnd the Japanese if Russian. Some netizens posted the full version of the movie for a minute and a half. He is in this form subscriber including. On YouTube in Russian with the description: “Ukrainian refugees cheated well in German evacuation train.”

“Another goal of online misinformation is to build a hostile attitude among Poles towards refugees from Ukraine” Video: TVN24, black and white

It is true that the video clip shows a train in Germany – but it is not true that the wagon was destroyed by Ukrainian refugees. This is another example of creating anti-Ukrainian narratives with a false description of the tapes.

Evidence for the perpetrators in the video

There are hints in the movie that the train was destroyed by football fans. In the first shots you can see graffiti with the words “LA07” and “FCA” and “LA07” stickers with a double-headed eagle with the football team crest in the middle. Below the timetable is the name of the railway: bwegt.

Stickers and graffiti left by fans
Stickers and graffiti left by fans Photo: Twitter

On this basis, some facts can be established: FCA is an abbreviation of FC Augsburg football club, whose coat of arms can be seen on a poster with a two-headed eagle. LA07 is the initials and year of foundation of the Legio Augusta group, which brings together the most ardent fans of the club from Augsburg. The abbreviation “bwegt” stands for public transport in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

Going to the game they lost

This information was confirmed by German investigative journalists corrective groupwho check for false information. They asked the local transport ministry in Baden-Württemberg about this film – because there is also a description on the German Internet accusing the Ukrainians. In response, the ministry’s press office said that the accident occurred on March 19, 2022, on the Ulm-Blochingen train. It was added that the train was not used to transport Ukrainian refugees, since local trains such as those in the registry are not used for this.

A spokeswoman for the ministry did not clarify who was responsible for the damage to the wagons – but wrote, however, that “stickers with the football team logo, leftover beer bottles, and graphics with the aforementioned football team abbreviation. The date of the Bundesliga match that took place on that day indicates To a group of fans and not other groups of people.”

On March 19, the capital club Baden-Württemberg – Stuttgart – played against the aforementioned club Augsburg. The route and time of the passage of the train indicates that the fans destroyed the wagons on the way to the match (departure from Ulm at 12.17, the match was at 15:30). Their team lost to Stuttgart 2:3.

Train route from Ulm to Plochingen
Train route from Ulm to Plochingen Image: Google Maps

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport in Baden-Württemberg emphasized that passengers from Ukraine “always behave calmly.” The Federal Ministry of Interior and Homeland said March 31That Germany accepted 288.5 thousand since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. refugees. “Most of them are women, children and the elderly,” he added.

author: Michel Estelle

source: Konkret24, Photo: Shutterstock/Twitter

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