June 2, 2023


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Magdalena Boczarska could not refuse them.  Creators of '365 Days' seduce with 'Heaven in Hell' trailer

Magdalena Boczarska could not refuse them. Creators of ‘365 Days’ seduce with ‘Heaven in Hell’ trailer

After the global commercial success of the movie “Trilogy”365 daysIts creators decided to make a movie that had equally gritty scenes, but told a story Date Totally different feeling. When they turned to Magdalena Boczarska with a proposal to play the main role, she was convinced that she would refuse. However, the more the actress learns about this project, the more she realizes that it will be difficult for her to refuse. Today, she says that this production is very important to her.

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“Heaven in Hell”. Boczarska and Susinna’s romance should not have happened [ZWIASTUN]

We already know the release date Movie. Heaven in Hell hits cinemas on February 10, 2023. The cast also includes Sebastian Fabijanski, Kasia Suchuk, and Janusz Shapur.

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“Paradise in Hell” – the plot of the new film from the creators of “365 Days”

Is it permissible for a mature woman to fall madly in love and throw herself into a whirlwind of passion? Can the attractive boy of girls’ dreams choose her older partner and give her the tenderness and closeness she misses so much?

In Heaven in Hell, Olga (Pozharska) and Max (Suzyna) are 15 years apart. She is on it Successful womanmother of an adult daughter. He – a handsome young man who draws handfuls from life and captures every moment. Fate set them apart, kindled their senses, and entangled them in a fiery romance.

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Olga is tormented by extreme passions: her sense of responsibility struggles with the emerging feeling the loveShame – with the power of passion and prudence – with longing for the spontaneity of a young girl.

Max begins to understand that a carefree day-to-day life no longer suits him. He is sure that the woman he met is the love of his life. However, he does not know how to overcome obstacles to being together.

When deep secrets come to light, they will further complicate lovers’ difficult choices. They both love the crazy elements: the wind and the violent sea. Do they dare to jump into the unknown?