M jak miłość, Episode 1620: Artur will save Lisicki from tragedy.  Before going to the hospital, he will make a touching gesture - photos

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M jak miłość, Episode 1620: Artur will save Lisicki from tragedy. Before going to the hospital, he will make a touching gesture

In the 1620 episode “M jak miłość”, Artur Rogowski (Robert Moscow), as well as the entire Lisicki and Mostoyak family, will plunge into grief. The upcoming funeral of Marzynka (Olga Szumaiska) and Andrei (Tomash Ovechinsky) will cause great pain and mourning. Rogovsky, unaware of his tragedy that will happen on the same day, will do everything possible to support the family. He wouldn’t leave Ola (Iga Krefft) and Bartek (Arkadiusz Smoleński) alone and would make a touching gesture towards them. The doctor will try to save everyone and forget about his health.

Section “M jak miłość” 1620 – Tuesday 7 December 2021, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1620 episode “M jak miłość”, the funeral of the tragic dead Marzenka and Andrzejek will take place. Partek will become a man’s wreck and will not come to terms with the death of his beloved brother. Nobody in “M jak miłość” expected that Mariusz Jaszewski (Tomasz Lulek) is the culprit in the car massacre in which the Lisiecki family lost their lives.. However, time cannot be turned back, and Lysiki’s funeral will kill everyone. Artur decides to tackle the terrible situation and try to ease the pain of his loved ones. He will speak with Ola in person.

– I don’t know what to tell you, it doesn’t sound trite… but… you have to live – Arthur will say in episode 1620 “M jak miłość”. – You must be strong… for Kalinka’s sake. You are responsible for her, she needs you so much now. And remember that you are not alone … We will help you with Marcia in everything, we will support you in every step … Do you know that? He will ask the doctor, hoping to keep Ola’s soul.

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Ola, immersed in grief, in the 1620 episode “M jak miłość” will not understand why she and her family suffered such a tragedy. – How is this even possible? How could such a thing happen, why? – He’ll start asking Ula questions in episode 1620 “M jak miłość” for which there is no reasonable answer. – We will somehow survive this together … We will succeed. Definitely... – He will summarize Arthur, who himself will later survive a little tragedy and turn out to be really serious in health. He will want good for Lisiecki, and he will face a nightmare himself.

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Artur in episode 1620 “M jak miłość” is going to the hospital after a sudden heart attack. The ambulance will transport the doctor to the ward, where the specialists will begin to fight for his health. When the situation returns to normal, Marcia (Małgorzata Pieńkowska) will be with him. There will be tears you can’t contain. – But you scared me… – The woman will say in episode 1620 “M jak miłość”. – I’m sorry I didn’t want… The man sighs. – Artur, without you, I would have done … because … – I love you very much, too. You don’t even know how much… – Rogowski will sponsor his wife in the 1620 episode “M jak miłość”, but the truth will be that he wants to save everyone and will forget about his health.

Marzenka and Andrzejek’s last scene in M ​​jak miłość. Olga Zumayska and Thomas Ovechinsky with tears in their eyes called the series

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