M jak miłość, odcinek 1600: Marysia nigdy nie powie matce prawdy o Mateuszu. W ostatniej chwili zadzwoni telefon, który na zawsze odmieni życie Mostowiaków

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M jak miłość, Episode 1600: Marcia will never tell her mother the truth about Matthews. At the last moment, the phone will ring, which will change Mostowiacy’s life forever

In Episode 1600 “M jak miłość” amazing things will happen in Mostowiaków’s house in Gräbina. Everything will be connected to the disappearance and search of Matthews (Christian Dumaga). Marcin (Mikołaj Roznerski) will be very close to Barbara’s grandson (Teresa Lipowska), and she will come face to face with a crook (Krystian Sheperd) who pretends to be Mostowiak. But the larger and quieter drama will be experienced by Marysia (Małgorzata Pieńkowska), who will be the first to hear the harsh news. Rogowska will break twice because she will have no idea how to tell her mom… and then the phone will ring, turning everyone’s life upside down again! Check out what we already know about the dramatic events of Episode 1600 “M jak miłość” and see our photo and video gallery!

Episode “M jak miłość” 1600 – Tuesday, 09/28/2021 at 20.55 on TVP2

In episode 1600 “M jak miłość”, Marcia will strongly support her mother in the dramatic events related to Matthews’ disappearance. Marcin will finally receive news of the fraudster who used the documents and photo of the young man on your level for a long time. Christian Zeich will be ambushed by the police, and Barbara, her daughter and Marcin will go to talk to him in Lodz prison. Barbara’s heart is about to explode when she begs the con artist to tell her the truth. Fortunately, she will be with her a tender, loving, and attentive Mary!

In Episode 1600 “M jak miłość” Arthur’s wife will return home exhausted. And when she dreams of falling asleep and sleeping, Marcin will call him with another message, this time tragic. At this point, Marcia will lose all her strength – her hands will fall and she will have only one question on her mind: “How will I tell my mom? “

M jak miłość. Trailer for the new season. Isa and Marcin divorce, Frank in the wedding dress, Matthews’ body found in the port!

Marcin, barely finding the words in episode 1600 “M jak miłość”, will tell Maris that he has just received information from the police that the body of a young man has been poached in Gdynia. Chodakowski will add that it will be necessary to go and identify the body.

It is impossible… Arthur will collapse.

How do you tell your mother? – Marcia will be able to say a lot.

At this point in the 17th century episode “M jak miłość”, Rogowscy will experience an instant blacksmith, whom they will have to confront and tell Barbara the tragic news. However, they wouldn’t know that behind the grandmother’s room door a phone rang that showed an unknown number…

It was at this point in episode 1600 “M jak miłość” A real miracle will happen, which will take the whole burden not only from the shoulders of Marcia – read more here >>>

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