Katarzyna Figura has undergone a transformation.  In the movie “Chrzciny” she plays a grandmother

Catherine Figura He will appear in the movie Jacob Scocchina “Baptism”, which comes out on Polish cinema screens on November 18, 2022. In it, the actress played the role of the dean of the family, who tries to reconcile the family during the christening of her grandson. However, the woman’s plans will fail, because the surname The baptism will take place on December 13, 1981. This date is known to many Poles. for Mariana Declaration of martial law General Jaruzelski has a real tragedy. Therefore, the heroine and will not give up She decides to hide the truth from her family about reality at home. This leads to many unexpected situations.

The actress underwent a real transformation for the movie. Thanks to the perfect make-up, which Agnieszka Hodowana is in charge of, the actress is quite old. She also changed her hair color. These treatments made Katarzyna Figura difficult to recognize on the movie poster.

“My heroine, Mariana, becomes a central figure and, at the same time, an incredibly strong personality. She is the driving force behind all events, but her strength lies in the simplicity of her gestures, her dreams and aspirations – Mariana’s ultimate goal is to protect the group that is her family,” Katarzyna describes your character’s personality .

Christening has already won several awards, including the Junior Journalists’ Award. Next to Katarzyna figures will appear on the screen Maciej MusialowskiAnd the, Thomas Schuchardtby Michael Zurawski.

Catherine Figura It owes its popularity primarily to Polish comedies “Train to Hollywood” Directed by Radoslaw Piwowarski. She also played in the movie “Kingsajz” by Juliusz Machulski from 1987.
In the 90s, she tried her hand at Hollywood. She played episodic roles in the films of Robert Altman – “Graczu” and “Prêt-à-Porter”. She has also appeared in television productions such as in “Red Shoe Diaries” by Zalman King and “Fatal Past” by Clive Fleury.

Later she returned to Poland permanently. Appeared in Juliusz Machulski’s films – “the killers“, and two years later in the continuation of “KIlerów 2-óch”. She slowly moved away from her previous image, playing the roles of more mature and experienced women.

The actress also played herself in the play “Ach sleep my love”, which is the story of the Krakow murderer Władysław Mazurkiewicz. Figura does not shy away from dramatic roles. It is highly rated Role in the movie “Shork”.For which she won the Eagle Award.

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