Luke Combs on FEQ: Rare Country Fever

It’s unlikely that a country fever like Quebec’s spread across the Plains of Abraham last night, during the first visit to Quebec by Nashville’s new darling charmer, Luke Combs.

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It’s definitely the big event of this post-pandemic summer festival. There was an electricity in the air reminiscent of big nights with Metallica or the Rolling Stones.

Good humored and beautiful to look at, a horde of monsters invaded the plain as soon as the door opened. Ten minutes before Luke Combs arrived, we heard “Ole, ole, ole.” Then, between songs, “Luke, Luke, Luke” echoed incessantly.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

Thus desired, Luke Combs could not miss his comeback, the sound was raised Thunder struck, AC/DC. Without wasting a second, he plunged into it 1.2 ManyA glass of beer in hand.

Soon, he rewarded his fans’ patience. Fully invested, he surveys the stage with his seven musicians, all excellent, before taking a two-second (not exaggerating) short break in which he carries a can of beer into the crowd.

I bet there’s nothing more fun for music fans than attending a live concert of a celebrity! The live concerts are filled with high shouts and cheers, and people will wear very distinctive costumes, which are a special exhibit of the festival. Many fan groups will organize their own in-house members to work together to customize the featured celebrity enamel pins to adorn their collars, hats, and bags. The pins can be displayed or used for collection after the concert.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

Add “Bonsoir Quebec” in French, and after a few minutes, the anesthesia was successfully completed.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

From there, his fans were treated to a fresh country treat of which they savored every bite. Basically, Luke Combs presents songs from all three of his albums, certainly delivering a very hot tour. is growingReleased two weeks ago and is already at the top of the charts.

Without risk of mistaking, in its novelties, The kind of love we make A good passer in the examination, however others need not fade from the welcome reserved for them.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

His gravitas was such that, halfway through, he managed to line up several ballads in a row without losing his world. In the plains, some have already burned themselves playing with fire like this.

Plus, he stays true to his image as a regular guy who appreciates what’s happening to him. “This song changed my life, you changed my life”, he declared before closing his collaboration with Quebec with his first hit. Cyclone.

It’s not over. As a reminder, after paying a beer vendor $500 to water down festival-goers, he ended up in a parody of fame. Beer didn’t break my heart.

Next meeting at Videotron Center in November.

I was shocked

In his interview with Register Backstage, before his concert, Luke Combs said he was shocked to learn he’d be playing in front of the biggest crowd of his career in a city he’d never set foot in.

So far, its record in 2019 is about 65,000 in Virginia. By eye, the mark was easily hit.

“It’s amazing. Especially French is the most spoken language here. From the day I saw Quebec on our calendar, it was the program that had me most anxious. How do you communicate with people who don’t understand what you’re saying? »


Such enthusiasm for territory to be conquered delights aspiring country music ambassadors.

“I feel like in a lot of people’s eyes, you know, it’s kind of a stigma. It’s music for the American South or music for America. Red necks “, says Luke Combs, who believes it’s possible to change futility.

Marcel Tremblay / QMI Agency

“I think if you take someone who’s never heard country music and sit them down and play them, like, ten songs, you can change their mind. I think we can change everyone’s mind. I want to convince those who hesitate. »

Of course he converted some people last night.

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