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They were in the same class in the first year of elementary school, but at the age of 10, after green class with the school, their friendship was stamped out. Three decades later, this irreversible bond between Fannie Britt and Alexia Burger continues, the point at the center of their drama All things.

Released at 8:00 a.m. yesterday.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

For writer Fanny Britt and director Alexia Bürger, friendship is a self-evident theme. Their first collective play, they decided to weave it in, drawing inspiration from their own history, rather than living in an anonymous or general friendship.

To illustrate their alternative ego, they chose actresses who could identify themselves: Sophie Kadioux as Brunett and Kathleen Fordin as Redhead. “We do not want to work with old friends; the subject is very close to us, explains Alexia Burger. It is a dream to be able to direct these two talented artists.”

Photo by David Ospina, from The Quad Sauce website

Sophie Kadiux (front) as Brunet (Alexia Burger) in the play, Kathleen Ford as Rose (funny Brit) All things

Just as Alexia Bürger and Fanny Britt spent their entire elementary, middle and college education side by side, Beauty and the Redhead did not have to say everything to understand each other. They share the same story, often complementing each other’s thoughts, and can discuss anything and everything. And have an unconditional love for the film. Stand-by-m. “We’ve seen it quickly since its release in 1986; we’m 11 years old,” Fanny Britt recalled. .

The art of making friends live

In adolescence it stands before the film My own private Idaho That their friendship continued to blossom. Alexia did not change her mind about the Phoenix River; Fanny was writing love letters to Keanu Reeves in her diary! “I was compiling a list of women he kissed,” the playwright laughs.

Photo by Phironois Roy, The Press

Is complicit between the two women.

Together they discovered all the consumer interest in drama at the end of high school. “We came to Quat’Sous, where we found contemporary drama and the best translated English texts for the first time,” says Fanny Britt. Years, Cindy Lou Johnson, played by Markita Boies, adds Alexia Bürger. Three pennies is the basis of our lives. ⁇

So naturally it was in this company of Avenue des Pins Est that the two designers chose to present their first joint creation. Admittedly, they have worked side by side a few times in the last ten years – especially for writing the play. LyceumAppointed by TNM’s Director and Director, Lorraine Bindle -, but All things The first real drama project for two. “This is the first time I’ve had the privilege of directing Fanny’s text,” says Alexia Burger. “If we skip the play I wrote in the first secondary to the English class,” says his partner.

Does the gesture of staging a speech written by a half-sister come with extra stress? “We have a relationship of mutual trust that protects us in a way,” says the director.

In the beginning, of course, I had a real desire to impress him. This desire that she likes my speech was a driving force. From the first reading, I realized that she understood what I was saying.

Fanny Britt, about working with Alexia Burger

“This text is very lively, it’s all in it. The paintings are piled up, the colors are intertwined. It’s precious and rare, this integration,” says Alexia Burger.

Fanny Britt responds immediately: “It would have been impossible for me to write this text for someone else. She returns to her friend: “I wrote that because it’s you.” He continues: “Romantic love is often portrayed in fiction. Once we celebrate, it’s good to be friends … ”

Unexpected friendship

But what is friendship? Both creators repeatedly questioned themselves during the development of this “particularly precious” project. “In a sense, intimacy in friendship is greater than intimacy in love. In friendship, we have the potential to go our own way, ”says Alexia Burger.

Fanny Britt continues: “A friend can give you perspective when you need it. It is an intimacy that escapes expectations, a relationship that escapes all obligations. In our case, we do nothing special to maintain our friendship. She is the one who pours water on us. Those around us know that this place between us is sacred. ⁇

Room All things Presented at Theater de Quat’Sous until May 14th.

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