February 4, 2023


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Julie Snyder poses with her “new boyfriend.”

Julie Snyder hasn’t had an easy day these past few months.

Indeed, one can think of the story of the Occupied Double Martinique, during which the candidates had to be excluded from the adventure for reasons of intimidation. Julie had to step in several times to calm things down as the show’s producer.

There were problems with the La Chemine des 4 Jules project. In early December, Julie was scheduled to host the Backstreet Boys at her set two evenings in a row, but unexpected events occurred.

Thursday’s show was canceled due to sexual assault allegations against band member Nick Carter.

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Julie, after all these controversies, decided to take a break and move away from Quebec to Europe. And how do we understand it!

He documents a lot of his travels on his social networks. She is currently in Spain and the photos she shares are beautiful! And Julie has found a “new lover” there.

Here are some photos from Julie Snyder’s trip to Spain… and what about her “new boyfriend” in photo #2!

Here are all the photos to view below by scrolling with the arrows below each image:

1Julia on a journey

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