Lower electricity prices as of October.  This is who will benefit from this

The Polish Electric Energy Commission (PKEE) reported this Low electricity prices, among others, the SME sector and local governments, In addition to the increase in electricity consumption limits for homes as a result of the amendment to the Electricity Consumer Protection Law in 2023.

Lower electricity bills. However, there are conditions

From October 1st The maximum energy price for selected recipients will decrease from PLN 785 net to PLN 693 net per MWh.

“This means that people who run their own businesses, such as hair salons, car workshops and local shops, will pay much lower electricity bills. The solution also applies to all local governments and so-called sensitive entities, such as night shelters, social care homes and nurseries.” – confirmed.

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Maciej Maciejowski of the Polish Electricity Commission stated that protection mechanisms guaranteeing local governments, sensitive utilities and companies from the SME sector a fixed energy price ceiling were first introduced in December 2022.

– This is a reaction to the significant increase in energy production costs, which translates into contract prices on the wholesale market. Lower electricity rates apply to all eligible entities that have provided appropriate representation to the seller Energy explained.

The committee indicated this The electricity vendor will automatically include the new rates on your energy bill.

-However, this only applies to entities that have submitted the appropriate declaration. If the company or institution has not done so yet, it can submit it now, provided that the preferential energy price will be applied as of the month following the date of submission of the declaration.

Greater limit on energy consumption

Thanks to the amendment to the regulations, the energy consumption limit at the frozen preferential price has also been increased From 2 thousand up to 3 thousand kilowatt hours for all families. For farms with people with disabilities, this limit increased from 2600 to 3600 kWh, and for farmers and farms with a large family capacity – from 3000 to 4000 kWh.

Maciej Maciejowski noted that thanks to the use of the State Solidarity Shield and the rise in energy price limits, The average Polish family will pay between PLN 3,000 and PLN 4,000 for energy this year. Less Polish zloty Thanks to recent government regulations, you will also get an additional discount of PLN 125.

In September, the provisions of the regulation came into force, under which electricity sellers will have to include 12% in their settlements with residential customers. Reduce your energy bill. The discount amounts to about PLN 125 and will be given to households that meet at least one of six conditions – for example, confirmed the validity of their data with the energy vendor, or agreed to receive electronic bills or marketing information.

The regulation stipulates that if the recipient does not meet any of the above conditions, the discount calculated in 2023 will be corrected in invoices for subsequent settlement periods in 2024, but no later than December 31, 2024.

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