Pedronka will force Lidl to open stores on Sunday.  Now the dam will be completely broken

Biedronka and Lidl, as well as other players in the market, felt more and more for several months that more and more retail chains, thanks to the state of the post office, open their offices on non-commercial Sundays. In many locations, sales fell on Fridays, especially Saturdays, as customers knew another supermarket would open on Sunday. Consumers vote with their feet, if Lidl and Biedronka are not open, they will visit Api, Intermarche, Prim, Delikatesy Centrum, Eurosklep, Groszek, ABC or Polomarket.

Operators fear – and justifiably so – that customers who visit competing outlets will subsequently be more difficult to return to stores. It will require additional promotional and marketing campaigns and campaigns, implying specific expenses.

Lidl – like other operators – will want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the state of the retail outlet. Lidl network representatives we spoke with indicate that the company is analyzing various scenarios and has not made a final decision on the matter, but that it could collapse in the coming weeks. – We always work on the basis of applicable law – Aleksandra Rubaskiewicz, Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Lidl Polska, commented in an interview with the portal

However, according to the analysis of the Wiadomoś portal, Lidl will have to open stores on Sunday in 4-6 weeks at the latest. There is one reason. The end of August, especially September, is the period of increased purchases. The next few weeks are whole families trips to the shops to get the school starter kit. Not making a decision meant huge losses for the German operator, as well as giving the market to its biggest competitor, Pedronka.

Business Insider Polska was the first to write about the case. Information from the website shows that Lidl is polling individual store crews about whether they can be open on non-commercial Sundays – some stores can only be open on Sundays. I’m mainly talking about those that operate close to other stores open on the second day of the weekend, especially Pedronke, because this chain is Lidl’s main competitor.

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