Staff urgently required.  There is a shortage of workers in these professions

The size of the shortage of candidates in the field of logistics is greater than in the case of IT professionals. And upcoming events like Black Friday and Christmas, which are central to e-commerce and logistics, are further exacerbating this trend. Manpower experts estimate that the level of competition for employees among employers, which they have observed in the market, is currently at a record level.

Both Poland and the world feel that there are not enough logistics personnel. Either way, this group of jobs opens up the list of hard-to-fill jobs (Source: Talent Shortage Report, ManpowerGroup).

Polish entrepreneurs working in the logistics field have stated that their particular challenge is to obtain warehouse workers, forklift truck operators, side loaders and high-rise warehouses. Logistics industry employers also face shortages of engineers and team managers as well as experts, such as freight forwarders or specialists in inventory management, quality, export or warehousing (Source: Logistics in Poland report, ManpowerGroup and Łukasiewicz – Institute of Logistics and Warehousing).

Logistics is one of the industries that, regardless of the epidemic, and sometimes because of it, is recording the most dynamic growth and is becoming more important. In addition, the range of responsibilities of the so-called logisticians is very wide, ranging from inventory planning, through warehouse coordination, forklift operation, to transportation planning and execution. Such a wide range of tasks is directly translated into a large number of people in each enterprise, dedicated to the logistics handling of flows – says Marta Kudziew, Head of the Logistics Center at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Logistics and Warehousing.

Can some of the logistics areas mentioned above be served by artificial intelligence, robots or self-driving vehicles? Will the digitalization of logistics reduce the demand for logistics personnel? I don’t think so at all. The enormous importance of logistics for the proper operation of trade, together with the many activities involved in logistics, at least in principle ensure a non-reducing demand for personnel in this field. Logistics development trends, such as digitization or automation, will not stop this demand, but will affect a certain adjustment of the competencies required of logistics: expertise, specialization and the ability to use technology will be essential. These features are present in the price, and the price is higher and higher – adds Marta Cudziło.

– Along with the significant growth of the e-commerce sector in Poland and the concomitant development of logistics and warehousing, we note the increased demand of employers from these industries for highly qualified personnel. We are looking for professionals with a technical and engineering profile, experienced in implementing supply chain optimization and automation. The increasing demand for warehouse space translates into competition for experts in the field of property management. Employers in the logistics sector are constantly looking for people in leadership and leadership positions. Employees with extensive professional experience and key skills unique to the industry undoubtedly understand their strong position in the job market, which translates into ever-increasing financial expectations, presented when considering a job change — says Katarzyna Peczkoska, Director of Permanent Recruitment at Manpower.

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Among the biggest challenges standing in the way of acquiring new talent are the very high financial expectations of future employees (61%) and the lack of candidates in the market (58%). Organizations also report a lack of adequate professional experience (44%), a lack of hard skills required (33%), and an unwillingness to change jobs during the pandemic (22%).

Nearly every fifth (18%) company talks about a lack of the soft skills needed for employees, and every sixth (17%) talks about problems with company privacy, such as location. least 7 percent. Employers report that candidates’ expectations for benefits other than wages are too high.

Companies in the field of logistics face an additional challenge, which is the need to hire and deploy a large number of employees in a short time. This applies to the recruitment of essential workers for the peak seasonal period. An additional difficulty is the fact that logistics is treated as a sector that provides employment for a period of time, is labor-intensive and yields high results. However, this is an area that offers great opportunities for long-term development due to its dynamic development, which will continue to progress, assures Kamil Sadonczyk, Director of Manpower.

– The level of competition between employers, which we see in the market, has reached a record level. If we combine the current demand for employees, high inflation and low unemployment, we can expect higher wage pressure. The best way to win the fight for the most vulnerable job candidates i.e. warehouse worker and forklift operator is to ensure the best possible working conditions and attractive working conditions. On the other hand, recruitment campaigns should be conducted in a well-thought-out manner, in advance and long before communication, which allows to build a positive image of the employer in the local market – sums up Sadowniczyk.

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