Louis Morissette talks about the tennis star’s involvement in Virage – Double Fault

Eric Bruneau slips the word Everyone is talking about itSunday (where emotion, Crazy laugh And attention was on the show): A great tennis star, a certain Felix Auger-Aliassime, gave the series his stamp of approval. Twist – double faultIt ends tonight, Tuesday, February 28, at Nuovo.

The 22-year-old champion agreed to be asked by producer and co-writer Louis Morissette (who co-wrote the screenplay with lead actor Eric Bruno and Marie-Hélène Lebeau-Taschereau) to comment on the episodes before they aired. The production, in January, was certainly a guarantee of credibility for the entire creative team Twist – double faultAt the helm Directed by Rafael Ouellet.

This is what Louis Morissette argued in an interview Showbizz.netEarlier this season, Felix describes Auger-Alliassim’s reaction Turn – double fault.

I tactfully sent the episodes to Felix Auger-Aliassime “Said the person who exposed coach Sylvain Carrier in the story.” He looked at them and said to me: “It works until the end, I recognize a lot of people, in my climb to tennis, I recognize a lot of people”! »

Also, the invaluable cooperation of Eugène Lapierre, former director of Omnium Banque Nationale, allowed filming and raised troops during the most recent tournament in Montreal. Twist – double fault to capture some images at the US Open in New York (” We did the rest as cowboys Louis Morissette smiled, the latter and Eric Bruno, good friends in life, could also count on the help of professional trainer Sylvain Bruno, who was especially on the courts with the young sensation Bianca Adriescu.

To see how he teaches, read us again and sort out what is true and what is false “, noted Louis Morissette, whose contribution to this sporting luminary has elevated Eric Bruno’s racket game to several levels, with the actor trained by Sylvain Bruno to become a real tennis pro on camera.

Me, I’m an average player, and I used to deal with Eric before he learned to play like a pro! (Laughs) Now Eric beats me! He beats me easily. »

It’s no secret that Louis Morissette is a “. Big, big sports fan “. ” And great plays that live within the game. I often tell my kids that sports is like life. There are good days and bad days, others need to work as a team to succeed and learn how to bounce back from failure. There are many lessons in the game. »

It is from this perspective that his box refined the first version of KOTV twistWith Charlotte Aubin, in 2021Then with a second Double mistake, and a third is rumored to be in development. But, first, Louis Morissette explained to us, twist cannot be divided into more than one component; Grinding Double mistake Inspired by the life of Marianne St.-Geloise (as we see it these days) to live free from the past. Get me out of here!at TVA), and had to speak his own way Those who do not touch glory, waste their bodies and physical and mental health without winning millions “. This is at Nuovo’s recommendation twist has become an anthology series Project B (Its recent entry in ICI Tou.tv Xtra is amazing and its most recent episode is amazing) ” It was not premeditated “, noted Louis Morissette.

In the first weeks of January, Twist – double fault – was It started like a lion from its “first service”. – Gave us Extreme scenesAnd a young actress in the making Well known Fans Louis Morissette and Véronique Cloutier appeared there. Like a big girl Another actress who was praised for her performance in this ghost story.

Twist – double fault Ends this Tuesday, February 28, at 8pm at Nuovo. The series is still available in its entirety on Crave.

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