Bob Croton is alive

Forget the statue of Guy Laughlor: the statue that pays homage to Bob Croton must be installed!

And it presses!

They have business!

Since Bob Croton is the idol of modern Cubes, his patron saint!

Accommodating, good guy, good dough, kind, unwilling to make waves, and above all, ambitious, open, uncomplicated.

Does the salesperson in business welcome me in English? I speak English!

After all, this is not 2022, 1972!

We must not close ourselves to the rest of the world, but rather, we must open up!

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Unleash folk tales and furry cabins on me!

We are in the age of internet and metawares!

When Anie Rouleau started her odorless body and home goods business in 2016, do you know what she called it?

Scentless company!

Yes sir !

What if the French language has always been relevant in everything related to perfumes, fashion and luxury items!

What if the millionaires of Tokyo were so happy to put their mouths into the pit to pronounce the words “Louis Vuitton”, “Hermes”, “Lancome” and “Cartier”!

If millions of people around the world (from Shanghai to New Delhi and from Vegas to Santiago) learn to say “Yves Saint-Laurent”, “Jean-Paul Gaultier”, “Christian Dior”, “Christian Louboutin” and “Givenchy” – “Bordeaux” , Not forgetting “Porcogne”, “Sancerre” and “Boyle-fume”!

We have adopted an international name!

We would not be a small local company like Le Cirque du Soleil that refused to translate its name into English, oh!

Let’s shine!

We are going to expand!

We are going to create it !

The sky is the limit with The Unconscious !

We can smell success all around, baby !

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Think big!

If you can not beat them, join them !

What’s the point of covering yourself in your little sandbox?

As Charlize Theron sang:

“I will never sing in Creole again / I will never sing in Creole again / The country is too small, to earn a living …”

Besides, that’s why we give our children names that sound like English!

So the world will become their playground! So the world will become their oyster !

Remember Michael Chartreuse:

“The French Canadian Dominion got up on the textile sheets, he goes to the sink, it’s the crane or the American brass, he takes the soap, it’s Procter & Gamble or the Lever Brothers, he goes to the table, it’s the bread from the Oakley Flower Mills, the grains are general. , Egg is Canada Bakers, Sugar is St. Lawrence Sugar, General takes the door handle from Steel Wars, Dominion Glass does not close it tightly so as not to break … “

The famous trade unionist published this famous speech in December 1969 Photo diary.

He denounced American imperialism.

Today, “Americans” do not have to settle for us, we do it ourselves!

We are the ones multiplying company names in English!



We learned the language from our master and we are so happy to show him how far we have come!

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