Zbigniew Boniek furious: I can see that I am a fat, rotten cat

On Friday morning, there was a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee. It was decided to take the Champions League final from Saint Petersburg and play the matches of Ukraine and Russia on neutral ground.

The decision not to exclude Russian teams from upcoming matches has shocked a large part of Poland’s sports community. “UEFA has decided that Russian and Ukrainian clubs and national teams will play their matches on neutral ground. Until further notice. The rapists with penalties such as rape,” journalist Michai Kolodzik wrote on Twitter.

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Zbigniew Bunyek was asked on Cannae Sportoy why UEFA did not take more serious consequences against Russia.

– I’m a little disappointed because I thought some things could be done faster. You have to wait a few days, but it seems to me that this is not the end of the event – Boniek has begun. However, journalist Tomasz Smokovsky soon broke into his speech, which infuriated Punic.

– Don’t scream, don’t scream, because we won’t talk at all! – Boniek threatened. – So now I can see that I am a fat cat, that I am rotten, that I am affiliated with Gazprom. He said if you want to make populist, make yourself populist.

But later, the former head of PZPN softened his emotions and approached the matter substantially.

– I think the final has been moved, and the sponsor’s problems will be resolved. We went to Russia 2-3 days ago, and in two days the world changed. It may look different in a couple of days. You have to make decisions so that they don’t affect those who did nothing, Boniek said.

– My name is Zbigniew Boniek and no one will buy me. If certain sanctions are not taken, and the Executive Committee meets at the beginning of next week, but only UEFA has met and wants to do something – confirmed the Vice-President of UEFA.

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