January 30, 2023


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Lewis Hamilton for the first time regarding the acquisition of Chelsea.  "I thought: cool"

Lewis Hamilton for the first time regarding the acquisition of Chelsea. “I thought: cool”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine seriously thwarted the plans of the Russian oligarchy closely linked to Vladimir Putin. Most of them were subjected to sanctions by Western countries, as a result of which their property was frozen. One of the most famous businessmen of this group is Roman Abramovich, who had to put it up for sale for this reason Chelsea.

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The Polish boxer talks about fighting with Whyt and sparring with Fury. “He was playing with me”

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams want to take charge of Chelsea. They invest millions of pounds

One potential buyer of the club is Lewis Hamilton. The driver was on the list of potential buyers of the London club. According to media reports, the driver mercedes To spend about 10 million pounds. Serena Williams will also provide the funds for the acquisition of the London club, and Sir Martin Bruton will manage the entire deal.

– I’ve been a football fan since I was four years old. As a child, I played in the school team and was a frequent visitor matches Hamilton was saying. In my youth I used to play football with other children. We had several playgrounds nearby. I was the only black in this group – he adds.

Hamilton to buy Chelsea. “It’s a chance to become a part of something bigger”

Although he himself is a supporter of Arsenal, he says – the acquisition of Chelsea is a great “business opportunity”. In addition to the financial aspect, Hamilton sees buying a club in London as an opportunity to boost diversity.

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Max VerstappenVerstappen’s first win this season and Mercedes’ worst result since 2012

baek nothing It is the greatest sport in the world and Chelsea is one of the most famous teams in the world. When I heard about this possibility, I just thought: Wow. He concluded that this is a great opportunity to become a part of something bigger.