June 3, 2023


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MMA. It really is happening! Two owners fighting for the big money – O2

No one expected such a turn of events. At the first conference announcing February’s MMA 17 Gala of Fame, the fight was announced… Pawe Jóźwiak with Michał “Boxdel” Baron. It is a sensation, because for the first time in the history of Polish combat sports, two leaders of recognized federations will face each other in the cage.

The owner of FEN and Prime Show MMA insisted on this fight

This is another time when Pawe Jóźwiak shocked the combat sports community. While these referee fights were a normal thing among exotic fights, we haven’t seen them in professional sports. And Jóźwiak runs such an organization, because at one time Fight Exlusive Night was considered Poland’s second MMA powerhouse.

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Lately, FEN has gone down quite a bit when it comes to the athletic level or prestige of the events. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jóźwiak and his comrades began heading towards strange fights. However, at the moment, Prime Show MMA does not seem to be a successful project either. On the other hand, the ruler himself, i.e. Baoye Joviak, began to get involved in his battles.

Fighting in Fame MMA hit 17

There will be no shortage of feelings in this clash. They will certainly be provided by a Roman cage, whose small dimensions force them to fight at half distance. Moreover, there is huge money in the game. Both owners put 200,000 each out of their own pockets. zlotys. The winner takes the pot and the loser walks away with nothing.

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