Hurkacz - Ooty.  The pole gave the fans an exciting story!  What a comeback!

Hubert Hurkacz, as a top-ranked ATP rider, was ranked No. 11. This meant he had a goodbye, so he entered the competition only from round two. From the beginning it was known that the Wroclaw player would face Richard Gasquet or Oscar Otti. On Friday evening, the German was in front. Ooty won with the French (6:2, 1:6, 6:3).

Hurkacz was a fencing favourite. Ooty is currently ranked 76th in the ATP rankings. It has never been rated higher. The German loves the Harry Potter series of books. Well, maybe he didn’t need spells to defeat Hurkacz, but he definitely needed complete focus and concentration. Pole is almost four years old, but he is more experienced and titled.

The Polish won the first game after his own serve to 15, and lost the first German pass by the same percentage. The duel was balanced, but the defining moment in the first set was the sixth jewel. At that time Hurkacz smashed his opponent. The advantage obtained was enough to win the first match. The pole also broke his opponent in the ninth inning, thanks to which he won the first set 6: 3. The resident of Wroclaw needed 33 minutes to do this.

Ooty started the second set. The 28-year-old won his order. In the sixth match Germany broke the tennis player. It must also be emphasized that this was both players’ first match, so as time went on, both players got to know more about each other.

The German, like the pole in the first set, used his game-breaking advantage and tied it. He also won by 6:3 and had a chance to make a surprise. The second set lasted three minutes longer than the first. Unfortunately, but in the decisive third set, Germany also broke the pole. It happened in the fifth game and Hurkacz’s situation became very complicated. Fortunately, the 25-year-old returned to the match and in the sixth game he regained his balance and broke his opponent.

Otti approached the pole with apparent respect, which waned over time. As a result, the native of Wroclaw had to try very hard to neutralize the ambitious aspirations of his three-year-old rival. Hurkacz joined this match as the favourite, which doesn’t always help out on the court. The pole discovered this several times. Obviously, the German’s collapse woke him up. The 25-year-old didn’t allow himself to have any of the gems anymore.

In the third round, Steve Johnson is waiting for the Pole with whom he will face on Wednesday. He defeated the Russian-American Aslan Karasiwa in two sets. Let us remind you that Indian Wells will be operating from March 7-20. It is the largest tournament in the tennis calendar except for four Grand Slam tournaments. The total prize money is 17 million and 168 thousand. 110 bucks.

Hubert Hurkacz – Oscar Ott 6:3, 3:6, 6:3

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