Let us know your plan.  This gem from KiK is a miracle for people over 50!  The frame disappears.  Similar in Top Secret and CA

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Get ready for the return of long plaid skirts that will make you forget about uncomfortable pants in no time. It is stylish, comfortable and makes the tummy and sides invisible. If you’re wondering where you can buy them, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to show you three great models from KiK, Top Secret, and C&A.

Long-cut plaid skirts are a great choice for women over 50. Why is it worth having them on hand?

First of all, long plaid skirts look very elegant. Creating patterns with them is simple and fun because All you need is a classic top in a neutral color. You can wear it, for example, with a thin turtleneck or a white shirt.

In addition, the air cuts effectively conceal sensitive areas such as the abdomen and sides. If you want to cover up these body parts, they will be an ideal choice, and these skirts are sure to appeal to women over 50 who appreciate timeless, sophisticated style.

The KiK plaid skirt is an autumn gem. The belly and sides will not be visible

A pocket cake

You can find a skirt in this style in the latest KiK offerings. It features a classic flared cut that makes the frame disappear from view. It is dark in color with a beige speckled pattern. This model would look beautiful with cream for example JacketWhich will create a modern and cozy look for fall days

You can find printed skirts at Top Secret and C&A. Chic, elegance and class

However, if you do not want to be limited to the offer of just one store, you can also find similar models in other chain stores. It will work well both at work and as an item of everyday clothing.

SkirtsSkirts Top Secret, C&A

The green model from the end of the Top Secret sale is covered with a geometric pattern that will diversify your style. At the moment, its price is only PLN 49.99. The C&A Skirt features a timeless floral pattern that looks so charming and never goes out of style.

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