Leszek Tilesinski: A popular actor took the wife of a famous writer!

I’ll be Teleszyński Born on May 21, 1947 in Krakow. In 1969, he graduated from the Krakow State Theater School, and made his stage debut with the role of Robert Faulconbridge in Dürrenmatt’s play “King John after Shakespeare”, directed by Irina Babel. He played at the People’s Theater in Nova Huta, the National Theater in Warsaw and the Polish Theater.

As a film actor, he is primarily associated with the role of Bogusław Radziwiłł “the flood” And coordinator Waldemar Mishorowski Th “leper”. It is to the director of these films, Jerzy Hoffmann, that Teleczynski owes his popularity.

“It was his films – ‘The Flood’, in which I played the role of Bogusław Radziwiłł, and, above all, ‘The Leper’, in which I played the orderly Waldemar Mishorowski – that had a huge audience and gave me the greatest popular success,” says the actor.

When Jerzy Hoffmann’s film “The Leper” was first shown in cinemas in 1976, all the Polish women went crazy for the handsome and organized man Waldemar Michorowski. Teleszyński then gained fame, notoriety and the admiration of women. However, the 30-year-old actor was prepared for it – beautiful women had lusted after him for years and did not hesitate to approach him on the street.

Actor Henrik Talar recalled to his colleague: “We were walking in Krakow with Jurik Trella and Leszek and we heard women sighing: ‘Look, what a man. ideal. amazing. “We had no doubt which of us aroused such feelings.”

In the 1970s and 1980s, he was one of the most beloved Polish actors among viewers. Even when he played villains, he was adorable and women fell madly in love with him…

He said: “I like to play villains. I try never to play… with a thick black line, because it looks uninteresting to me. I always look for grey, anything in between, and try to give every character human characteristics.” In one of the interviews…

In 1998, the actor began acting in this series “Zlotopolsky”In which he played Senator Jerzy Kowalski for 13 years. Unfortunately, when TVP decided to end production of the series, Teleszyński disappeared from the screens. We still see him in occasional appearances in “Colors of Happiness”, and he also appeared in small roles in two films: “Cursed” and “Na Uzim Ma” –

“I’ve had a few breaks in my career, but apparently there hasn’t always been a demand for an actor like me. I don’t fight for roles, I don’t fight for myself…” – says Leszek Tyliczynski, when asked why I rarely It appears on small and large screens. .

“Directors often simply cast people they know, and I’m not an actor who constantly reminds me of myself and is always on hand,” says Telezinski.

At the beginning of his career, he starred in two famous films Andrzej Zulawskiwho she remembers working with as hell, and the time she spent with him on set… a stay in hell!

Meeting with Andrzej Żuławski was a great honor for the young Leszek Teleszyński.

“My friends from drama school were extras in… “Part Three of the Night”, and Żuławski invited me to test pictures for the main role. I knew then that if I got this role, I would face a huge challenge. “I wasn’t wrong,” the actor said years later.

“The Third Part of the Night” takes place in Lviv during World War II, and in order to survive the German occupation, Teleszyński’s hero gets a job as a lice feeder at the Weigl Institute.

“My hero was supposed to feed the lice, so he thought I should know what it’s like. I went to the institute in Gdynia. I had several thousand lice on my legs… I was sitting and they were feeding on me – said the actor in an interview with ‘Rzeczpospolita’ .

The neophyte was very afraid that he might contract typhus. Although he confirmed that all the lice were intact, he was given a vaccine to be on the safe side. He says: “I would rather get sick! Giving the vaccine in the form of an oily liquid can only be compared to being beaten with an iron rod.”

A year after finishing filming The Third Part of the Night, Andrzej Żuławski began filming The Devil. The director’s wife – and she was then Malgorzata Brunek – She insisted on involving… Teleszyński. She didn’t want to play with anyone else! And only for this reason Leszek agreed to appear in the film “The Devil” and… he quickly regretted it.

This time, Żuławski sent the actor to a psychiatric hospital. “I went to a psychiatric hospital in Torquay and locked myself in a schizophrenic room with no doorknobs,” recalls Leszek Tiliczynski, who adds that Andrzej Zulawski had no mercy on anyone, not even his wife.

“Magosia Bronek had a nervous attack during the shooting. He wanted to get more and more emotions out of her, but it was not enough,” he said.

The film was so powerful that censorship did not allow it to be shown in cinemas. After the screening, a censor concluded that Polish viewers were not prepared to witness such experiments. “The Devil” has been on the shelf for 16 years!

During his studies, Leszek Teleszyński became involved with his college girlfriend Alicja Jachiewicz, i.e. Teresa Krasławska from “The Połaniecki Family”. They were the most beautiful couple in Krakow, and when they announced in the late 1960s that they were getting married, the whole city was waiting for their wedding. However, instead of leading his beloved to the altar, Leszek left her without a word of explanation…

Shortly thereafter, at the Polish theater he met Irina Szczurowska, an actress six years his senior, known primarily for her stage and television performances. He fell in love with her and she quickly returned his feelings. Soon after being cast by a Polish theater director as lovers in a play, they also became lovers in their private lives.

Unfortunately, the actor and his beautiful lover could not flaunt their love because Irina was married. For several months, they hid that they had something more than just friendship, but finally the actress’s husband discovered that his wife was flirting with him. Irina Szczorowska’s marriage ended in a social scandal, because the man she cheated on was a widely known and respected writer, and one of the founders of the Student Satirical Theater, Jaroslaw Abramov Nyorli.

At first, the writer decided to fight for his wife, but after a year of fierce fighting, he gave up and stopped standing in the way of the actors’ happiness.

Teleszyński and Szczurowska married in 1976, and three years later, their daughter Karolina was born. Shortly after their child was born, the relationship they had fought so hard for began to deteriorate. The couple did not come to an agreement and had a quick divorce. It was rumored that the prose of life killed them.

Leszek Tiliczynski only found true happiness in the early 1990s, and is still in a happy relationship with Jolanta, who became his second wife.

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