The Polish strike broke the bank.  The film is included in the list of the most famous Polish productions in history

Viewers are excited about the box office results of popular Western films, while in Poland we can talk about great interest in Maciej Kowalski's latest film.

Yesterday we informed our readers about the surprise conclusion of “Ghostbusters: Empire of Ice,” which exceeded expectations in its opening weekend, but we're seeing a similar situation in our own backyard. The new “Mr. Click Academy” faced a lot of criticism, but at the same time it was very popular among the public and achieved tremendous success.

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The box office report confirmed the final result of the story of Ada Niezgódka – more than 2.9 million viewers went to see “The Academy of Mr. Clicks” in cinemas! This is an excellent result, because according to data after 1989, only 15 films were able to achieve such a good result.

Mr. Click Academy exceeded the ceiling of 2.9 million viewers in Polish cinemas. It is the sixteenth film in statistics covering data after 1989 to achieve this feat. #BoxOffice #BanaClexaAcademy

The list below is dominated by two classics – “By Fire and Sword” (7.1 million viewers) and “Pan Tadeusz” (6.1 million viewers), with “The Clergy” closing the podium (5.1 million viewers). According to the information provided, “Mr. Kleks' Academy” should be the 14th most watched film in Poland.

  • “With Fire and Sword” – 7.1 million viewers
  • “Ban Tadeusz” – 6.1 million,
  • “Clergy” – 5.1 million,
  • “Where Are You Going” – 4.3 million
  • “Avatar” – $3.67 million,
  • “Avatar: Water Creature” – $3.6 million.
  • “Titanic” – 3.5 million,
  • “Passion” – 3.4 million,
  • “Shrek 2” – 3.39 million,
  • “Shrek III” – 3.5 million,
  • “Letters to M. 3” – 3 million,
  • “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – $2.99 ​​million.
  • “Letters to M.2” – 2.96 million,
  • “Mr. Click Academy” – $2.9 million,
  • Pitbull. “Dangerous Woman” – 2.87 million.

The box office report indicates that the latest film directed by Maciej Kowalski will not reach the 3 million total, as fewer than 5,000 viewers actually watched it last weekend.

It is worth noting that the film “Kleks and the Invention of Filip Golarz”, which is a continuation of the “Paradise Kleks” academy and the second film in this universe developed by the creator, will debut in 2025.

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