Movie star transformations.  This is how they changed a role in the movie [ZDJĘCIA]

  • While Christian Bale was preparing for his role in ‘Mechanics’, his diet and weight began to put his health at risk
  • Johnny Depp has undergone a transformation in the movies many times. One of them was so amazing, the actor has changed beyond recognition
  • Jared Leto loves expressive roles in movies, as he can do a lot to better reflect the role he played
  • Charlize Theron, thanks to her stunning transformation in the movie “The Beast,” earned her an Oscar for Best Leading Actress.
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It’s no secret that The special effects used in movies are able to conjure up anything on the screen. However, some actors still sacrificed themselves for the roles. These transformations are often very shocking. newly Brendan Fraserthat viewers might remember, for example,mummy‘, in a big way he came back with a role He was given a warm welcome during the premiere of the movie “Whale”.. In “Wielory” not only art was appreciated, but also the dedication of the actor – Fraser gained several dozen kilograms for this role.

‘Fielorip’ tells the story of an obese man who seeks to connect with his teenage daughter. Director Darren Aronofsky He chose not to use computer makeup, which only emphasized Brendan Fraser’s dedication. This, of course, isn’t the only time a Hollywood actor has used his body as a prop. Sometimes audiences and critics alike rubbed their eyes in amazement because they’ve changed so much. Who are we talking about?

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Watch the amazing transformations of actors who have devoted themselves to movies.

Amazing movie star transformations. So they changed to the role

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