June 7, 2023


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Lesser Poland: In Trzebinia, the earth collapsed again

“Unfortunately, the wishes for a ‘peaceful vacation’ were not fulfilled. At night on Gornicza Street Another stream appeared. Nothing happened to anyone. “A hole appeared in the garden in one of the houses,” the mayor wrote on his Facebook page.

As he indicated, the services that secured the area acted immediately. She was also notified of the accident Kopal restructuring dealing with post-mining damage liquidation.

The Trzebinje sewer pits are post-mining damage due to the former “Circeza” hard coal mine that has been operating in this town since the mid-19th century. In the years 1999-2001 the mine was closed. Initially, the exploitation was shallow, at a depth of 20-25 meters. Then the passages went underground. The liquidators assumed that the voids left after exploitation would be filled with water. Over time, the water began to come closer and closer to the Earth’s surface.

The most famous was about the sinkhole, Which was created on September 20 this year at the cemetery in Trzebinia. The pit was 10 meters deep and about 20 meters in diameter. The sinkhole washed away 61 bodies from 40 graves. According to the experts of the Mine Restructuring Company, it was not possible to carry out exhumation in the cemetery, so the pit was filled in.

Ground-penetrating radar scans of the area around the crater began on September 22. It was carried out on behalf of Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń – the legal successor to the “Siersza” hard coal mine. Ultimately, they were to cover 100 hectares of land in the area at risk of intermittent anomalies in the shallow mining areas of the former Siresza coal mine.

Mayor Jarosław Okoczuk stated that the city authorities have not yet received a response from SRK to the letter regarding the results of these studies. “Before Christmas, I only received a letter from the SRK addressed to the voivode (and to the City Hall) in which there is information that additional research will be completed at the end of the year … but it lacks details,” the mayor informed.

“I sincerely hope so SRK’s negativity that was observed for weeks will not lead to tragedy. We need to know the results as soon as possible, and the company should submit the action scenario as soon as possible and start the exchange work, there is nothing to wait for – the city mayor emphasized.

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