4 zodiac signs that will get sick in September 2022 according to astrologer

This September, the four zodiac signs should focus on their health and take better care of themselves. In fact, the retrograde of Mercury from September 9 will cause health problems for them. To avoid problems, the owners of these astrological signs should pay attention to their lifestyle during this month. Find out which 4 zodiac signs are most likely to suffer from health problems in September.

The impact of Mercury retrograde will be felt especially among the natives of 4 signs. According to Russian astrologer Pavel Globa, in September they are likely to feel fatigue and a sharp drop in energy. They should pay attention to their lifestyle and follow good habits to spend a month without incident.

In the month of September, 4 zodiac signs are likely to experience health problems

Mercury retrograde often indicates difficulties and small problems in our life. The natives of these 4 signs can feel the effects of this planet’s transit on their health.

Sick twins

Gemini – Source: spm

The native of this sign will face heavy workload in this new academic year. It affects his moral and physical health. The stress and overwork he feels can cause him severe tension headaches. His physical condition is affected. That, too, suggests that Geminis slow down at work and relax when they get the chance. Though he is sociable in nature, native of this sign Want quiet places and moments to spend alone. He should too Take care to keep him around as little as possible to avoid social interactions that tire him out further.

A sick lion

Leo – By: spm

This dynamic and good-natured fire sign should focus on its activities in September, especially sports. He should be alert And don’t go beyond its limits Avoid accidents and injuries. This sign is attractive by nature Likes to talk and take care of him. He can start new physical activities at the beginning of the school year. however, He should be patient and disciplined. If he gives everything in the first sessions, he will be physically and morally exhausted.

Ill Maiden

In the month of September, the morale of these zodiac signs will be very low. His sensitivity will increase tenfold and he will be on edge. Indeed, little trouble is likely to arise upset him and aggravated his anxieties. His feverish mood may affect his health. Because of his worries and sensitivities, he may feel Pain in his stomach. This classic and perfect zodiac sign Then learn to let go And things should not be taken too seriously. Even at work, the stars advise this earth sign to remain neutral and not react to the provocations of those around him. At the risk of affecting his mood.

Ill Capricorn

Capricorn – By: spm

In the month of September, the native of this sign will feel Actual power loss, That should not be taken for granted. In fact, this determined and ambitious sign of nature works hard to the point of neglecting his moral and physical health. The fatigue he feels this new school year will have a negative impact on his productivity, and for good reason, He will find it difficult to concentrate on his tasks. This earth also has a sign Review their eating habits, Because they may have a link with this drop in tone.

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