Lechia Gdańsk did not drop any points this year, but she was nervous…

Six matches, eighteen points, scored 17 goals, conceded 3 goals. In 2024, there are no strong candidates for Lechia Gdańsk at the moment. The Whites and Greens won another match and remain at the top of the League One table, but this time they put their fans' nerves to a tough test.

It can be said that Lechia played four of these six matches at home. It can also be emphasized that he mainly faced teams from the bottom of the table or the relegation zone. However, all this does not change the fact that it made perfect use of this schedule and no other, which is what Raków Częstochowa recently failed to do in the Ekstraklasa, winning three points in three meetings with the newcomers.

Odra Opole was the toughest hurdle the Whites and Greens had to overcome during this period. This is a team that is uncomfortable for opponents, comfortable at low defence, and dangerous from set-pieces.

So it was not surprising that the home side had problems creating chances for a long time. They clearly dominated from the start, making multiple passes that were fun to watch, but in the end there was always something missing. If Artur Halos had to sweat a bit, it was after Ivan Selezka's long-range shots. As if that wasn't enough, Odra was more aggressive on the counter-attack and after one of the counter-attacks, Andrei Chindris, who had ineptly tackled, hit Dein Sola, resulting in a penalty kick. Rafał Niziołek withstood the test of nerves – not everyone would be able to do it that day – and the guests unexpectedly took the lead.

Lech's team did not make them wait for the breakthrough until the break and began to be more specific even before that. Tomas Bobšek did not take advantage, but before the referee's whistle sent him to the locker room, the best player on the pitch, Rifet Kapić, fired in a perfect shot from behind in the 16th minute. Bobšek showed intelligence here, cleverly putting in a pass from the middle of the pitch.

Odra started the second half very promisingly, but Bobcek soon finished off a brilliant combination from Kapić and Neugebauer, and it looked like that was the end of the bigger emotions.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Adam Noco's players soon enjoyed the draw for a while, but in the end Lechia was saved by returning a foul on Maksym Chłań, which was initially ignored by referee Patrik Gryckiewicz and allowed the match to continue. Dominic Bella breathed a sigh of relief when he tackled Selezka during the tackle, and had it not been for VAR, the Ukrainian player would have scored an own goal through his friend.

Seleszko's fate was on his side until the end. Lechia seemed to control the match despite not creating any chances. Measles seemed to be trying something, but for the most part it didn't smell like the situation. Suddenly, in the last action, when Halosz had already entered the Gdańsk penalty area, Celestzko injured his hand. VAR, conference, another penalty. Niziołek was no longer on the pitch (as a substitute, he received a second yellow card) and Borja Galan approached the ball. The Spaniard played poorly today and rarely made perfect decisions. He failed this time too – he hit the crossbar, depriving Audra of a point, and Celezko was cleared. Gryckiewicz ended the game immediately after the incident.

The toughest group for Lechia is at the end, when he will face GKS Tychy, Wisła Kraków, Arka Gdynia and Miedź Legnica. However, if he scores points consistently, these matches could be of great importance.

After a great start to the season, Audra has completely slowed down. In the last thirteen rounds, she has won only twice, and even the play-offs are slowly becoming a distant possibility for her.

Lechia Gdańsk – Odra Opole 2:1 (1:1)

0:1 – Niziolek 26 penalties
1:1 – Capic 45+5'
2:1 – Bobcek 53′

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