Lech Poznan fans send an open letter to the club management

Lech Poznan fans published an open letter to the club's board of directors from the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

In December, John van den Brom left Lech Poznań. Perhaps the “Collegors” team was not in a hopeless situation at that time, but the club authorities decided that it was the best time to change the bench. A temporary option was chosen, assigning Marius Romak, who previously worked in the club's academy, to the position of coach until the end of the season.

Under his leadership the team started with victories against Zagłębie Lubin and Jagiellonia Białystok. But the last five rounds witnessed only one win, two draws and two defeats. The Poznań team shared the points with Stal Milik on Monday.

At the moment, with 45 points, it is in fourth place in the Ekstraklasa table. The loss of first place is still not significant, amounting to six points. This is the result of almost every leading team losing points.

Next Sunday, Lech will face Pogon Szczecin. Before that, his fans decided to appeal to the club management. In addition to assessing the current situation, they made clear that they were counting on taking decisive action in the event of failure.

“Open letter to the Board of Directors of KKS LECH POZNAŃ

Dear Presidents,

We are watching with great concern the events that have accompanied our beloved team in the past few weeks. We look at the game, the Cullors' sports scores, the media reports, as well as the gossip from the locker room, which does not fill us with optimism. Heavy defeat to Rakov Czinstochowa, not progressing in the Polish Cup, incredible ineffectiveness, no idea about the match, not shooting on goal, playing without a striker – unfortunately, this is the best feature of Lech Poznań's play in recent matches.

We do not accept the explanation that it is a sport, that there are statistics here, that the coach is doing hard work, that soon everything will return to normal and Lech will return to the right track that will lead to the most valuable trophy – the Polish Cup. championship. Although the results of the other teams with which we are competing for this title were according to the team’s desire, we were not able to take advantage of the opportunity every time. Already at this stage we hear words about injuries, about trips to national team matches, about players not being at full strength, and about the reserve bench being too short at the moment. But these are just words. The Polish Championship and Cup are not won with different promises, explanations and statistics. All you have to do is win, which is a very difficult task for Lech Poznań, as recent matches have shown.

Victories over Jagiellonia and Warta masked the very poor performance of the Lechites. Every fan is aware that not only the title, but also the place on the podium that guarantees an appearance in the European Cups, is getting further and further away. The league table is unforgiving. These are not Excel cells full of complex formulas that show a situation very different from the one in which Culliors found himself.

For every match, regardless of whether it is played at Bułgarska Street or away, the team can count on warm support and one of the highest – if not the highest – crowd attendance rates in the league. However, we are all aware that fans' confidence and patience have reached breaking point. We stood in front of the wall.

We have a match against Pogoń Szczecin. This match is not about three points, it is about six points. Only victory will allow us to remain among the teams that matter in the struggle for the highest place on the podium. We know that the confrontation will not be easy, but it will be an opportunity to erase the shame suffered by the Szczecin team and the painful defeat it recently suffered in Czestochowa.

We (still) believe in victory, but in the event of defeat, we count on decisive and perhaps radical steps that will allow us to compete for the podium at least.

LECH POZNAŃ FANS” – one can read.

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