shocking behavior of ya.  Nobody can believe the pictures

YouTube/TVP Sport/Pictured: Piotr Żyła after winning a medal at the World Championships in Lahti

Arcadius Dudziak

Lahti occupies a unique place in the career of Pyotr Shisha. There the Polish jumper won his first individual medal at the World Championships. His reaction surprised everyone.

This was Stefan Horngacher’s first season of work in the Polish team. The Austrian came into the team after Łukasz Kruczek’s stint and seemed to have found a cure for the jumping white and red. The results appeared instantly.

And not just with Kamil Stoch, who everyone knew was capable of great things. Maciej Kot, Daoud Kobacki and Piotr Zea regularly check in at the summit. It was the last in Lahti who became the hero of the whole country.

After the unsuccessful competition on the normal hill, because none of the Poles won a medal, the time came for the individual competitions on a larger hill. There, everyone named Stoch, Kot or Kubacki among the favorites to win the disc. Hardly anyone was talking about Zilla.

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And that was a huge mistake. The pole showed impressive class already in the first series. He reached 127.5 metres, which gave him sixth place. His loss to third place Andreas Sternen was minimal. The second jump was everything.

And in it ya knew what to do. He made one of the best attempts of his life. He walked out the door neatly and held his breath in the air beautifully. And everyone was sure that after his attempt he would take the lead.

A piercing distance appeared on the screens. The pole jumped over the volume of the body, landing at a height of 131 meters. He did it flawlessly, earning as many as 57 points from the judges.

The tense wait began to see if this jump would be enough for our representative to win a medal. He overtook the following rivals, but Stjernen, who took third place after the first round, also jumped brilliantly – 129 meters. In addition, he had an advantage from the previous jump. Nervous count began.

On the scoreboard, the number “2” appeared next to the Norwegian’s name. And this means that the Pole will certainly win a medal at the World Championships.

However, it was Piotr Żya’s reaction that surprised him. The Pole, known for his exuberant personality, received the news about the medal in a very different way than anyone would expect. There was no crazy celebration.

Instead, our representative was clearly in shock. Žała sat on the commandant’s chair completely motionless, with his head down. It was in vain to look for a smile on the face of the new world championship medalist.

The shock did not fade with the passage of minutes. In TV interviews, ya still gives the impression of being completely lost and completely absent. His interview with TVP was short, because the same reporter noted that in this situation Żya was not a conversational partner.

However, one day later, the bird was completely different. When he won the bronze medal at the World Championships, he was beaming with a sense of humor. He was constantly joking and answering reporters’ questions. It was a great success.

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