January 30, 2023


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The dark bubble ruptured the nebula.  A scary image from Hubble

The dark bubble ruptured the nebula. A scary image from Hubble

Hubble Space Telescope It’s struggling with technical issues again, but luckily astronomers are able to take amazing pictures with it. The latest shows us how Amazing things happen in the abyss of spaceWhich we don’t think about on a daily basis, and we don’t even know they even exist.

N44 . Nebula It is one of the most interesting things. It has a diameter of 1,000 light-years, and 170,000 light-years, and is part of Large Magellanic Cloud. middle fills the dark spaceWhich extends over 250 light years. The nebula looks as if something is ripping it apart from within.

Astronomers don’t know exactly how this happens, but the idea was earlier stellar wind, ejected by massive stars, can displace gas inside the “super bubble”. Unfortunately, research has not confirmed this. The measured wind speed in the bubble is much lower than that which would have produced such a hole.

Celebrity activism is another possibility. as nebula It’s full of huge stuff like the old ones To end your life in massive explosionsExpanding supernova shells have carved out the cosmic cave from the inside.

This can also be indicated by the dark blue area in the lower right corner”cool bubbles“It is one of the hottest regions in the nebula and the most dense space for star formation. This means that it is one of the regions where old stars can explode and expel gas from their surroundings.

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