Layoffs and liquidation of Neonet stores.  The company announced reported that NEONET's Board of Directors decided to start the process of job cuts, mainly related to the company's headquarters. All persons who receive information about the termination of cooperation are entitled to severance pay, which depends on the length of service. Moreover, the company will not leave its employees without support.

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Neonet will help you find a job

As part of a specially designed outplacement programme, the company will provide employees with support in the labor market. In addition, as part of cooperation with the district labor office, a special support package is being prepared for employees, the website reported. Some employees will also be given the opportunity to continue working within the structures of NEONET Capital Groupwhich is an additional form of assistance for people affected by the repetition process.

However, the restructuring process is not only limited to job cuts. The company also plans to close select stationery stores in the NEONET chain. This process has already begun and some stores have been closed or will be closed in the coming months – reports All employees of closed stationery stores are also covered by a support program that includes, among others: an end-of-service gratuity guarantee and the aforementioned outplacement programme.

Among the first stores to close, in 2023, was a location in Retail Park Karpacka in Bielsko-Biawa, where the tenant had problems paying rent for half a year. Next on the list is the store at ul. Rzemieślnicza in Oleśnica – informs the site.

Although we will not avoid job cuts and liquidation of selected stores in the restructuring process, NEONET will remain one of the largest companies in the retail segment of the home appliances/electronics/GSM/IT market in Poland – the company emphasizes in its statement. .

Neonite problems

The developed restructuring strategy aims to improve the company's position, including repaying current creditors and providing stability to the company in the future. As part of the restructuring measures, the company will be reorganized with the aim of resolving the current difficulties and enabling further business development in the subsequent quarters of 2024. The Board of Directors of Neonet SA is determined to heal the company and continue its operations – We read in the company statement.

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