The Delon Affair: His son Alain-Fabian filed a complaint against his sister Anouchka

New legal action in the family of actor Alain Delon: A French judge indicated on Wednesday that his younger son Alain-Fabian filed a complaint against his sister Anocha, 88, for “abusing his weakness to the detriment of their father”.

Alain-Fabian Delon, 29, filed his complaint with the Château-Renard Gendarmerie (center) on December 22, according to the Montarquis public prosecutor's office.

Montargis public prosecutor Jean-Cédric Gaux said the preliminary investigation was entrusted to the Orléans research unit and the Montargis research force.

Questioned by BFMTV news channel on Tuesday, the youngest of the siblings condemned the “scoundrel, mafioso ways” of his 33-year-old sister Anouchka, accusing her of “passing over a dear girl, a person who cares and worries a lot about her father's health.”

“If you really cared about your father's health, you would have come for Christmas,” he fumed.

Alain-Fabian Delon posted on Instagram on Sunday what he purported to be a recording of a conversation between his father and his sister, in which a woman's voice addresses a man she calls “Daddy”. “They call you a fool (…) and me a fool to manipulate her father,” we hear.

Anthony Delone, 59, revealed the family feud in an interview with Celebrity Weekly Paris competition Thursday. Confirming that her father was “debilitated” and “reduced”, she noted that she had filed a complaint against her sister, alleging that she was not informed of their father's failure in “five cognitive tests” between 2019 and 2022.

After these comments, Alain Delon announced through his lawyer that he was “deeply shocked by the media exposure planned by his son Anthony” and wanted to file a defamation report.

The next day, Anthony criticized her for wanting to “bring her back” to Switzerland – where the cinema giant has been a citizen since 1999 – to avoid “a huge tax” on the post-mortem. Alain Delon, according to his son, wants to spend the end of his life at his home in Ducey-Montcarbon (central France).

In response, Anouchka Delon confirmed on Sunday that she had filed a defamation complaint against Anthony. He says he wants to take his father to Switzerland.

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