​Rosyjski minister spraw zagranicznych Siergiej Ławrow stwierdził, że Zachód zabrania Ukrainie negocjowania z Moskwą. Stwierdził także, że nad wszystkim czuwa "anglosaski kolektyw" Stanów Zjednoczonych i Wielkiej Brytanii.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West is preventing Ukraine from negotiating with Moscow. He also said that the “Anglo-Saxon community” of the United States and Great Britain was watching everything.

Sergey Lavrov spoke to journalists from Radio Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska. In an interview, he stated that “Ukraine a bargaining chip”controlled by the “Anglo-Saxon collective” of the United States and Great Britain, which is believed to also govern NATO and the European Union, which “lost their independence”.

They use the Ukrainians as a tool to stop our country and defeat Russia “on the battlefield” Lavrov was saying.

“The West does not allow Ukraine to negotiate,” said the head of Russian diplomacy. Two months ago, Ukraine seemed to make a proposal to solve this problem (…) A day later, the West prevented the Ukrainians from continuing this process. They hardened their position, there was a provocation in Bokza, which of course was done Lavrov argued.

Lavrov: We did not attack Ukraine and we do not plan to attack other countries

The Russian side was arguing from the start that there were no war crimes “excitement” After the aggressor’s forces withdrew. There, however Many recordings and satellite images pointing to Crimes committed by the Russians.

Lavrov also stated that the West was suffering from war. In Europe, the standard of living is deteriorating, inflation is rising and economic growth is slowing. There was even the concept of “the new poor” – said the head of diplomacy in a country where inflation is several percent.

Peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia were held in Istanbul at the end of March. The head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, said Kyiv had taken a “constructive step” towards a compromise. Russia demanded, inter alia, that Ukraine declare neutrality (ie suspend attempts to join NATO) and negotiations on the status of Crimea.

Then the Ukrainians broke off negotiations when war crimes by the Russians surfaced in the towns of Kijiu. About a thousand bodies were found in Bokza, among them many civilians, including children. So far, talks have not resumed.

Mir Yamana: Russian forces wiped the city off the face of the earth

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