Ukraine.  The 78-year-old did not enter the military.  When the fight started, he threw a Molotov cocktail at GRAD |  world News

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The 78-year-old ran for a place in the ranks of Ukraine’s regional defense, but was not accepted due to his advanced age. when Russians Basztanka attacked in Mykolaiv Oblast in UkraineGrandfather Vasily “couldn’t sit idly by” and bravely resisted – set fire to the missile battery hail gaseous;

He went to the checkpoint and took a Molotov cocktail and threw it. The mayor of the city reported Alexandre Burgoy. The mayor is convinced that the assailants have abandoned their attempts to enter the territory due to strong opposition from the civilian population. “They went the other way,” he commented.

Grad rockets are popular rocket launchers that were designed in the 1960s and have been modernized several times. They can reach a target 20 km away. The Grad missile is 2870 mm long and weighs 66 kg. The entire rocket launcher weighed more than 13 tons. Grad missiles attack so-called surface targets, such as artillery positions, combat equipment or infantry units.

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Ukraine. Defenders of Snake Island can be traded for Russian sailors

Zelensky: “Civilians are dying. Women are raped, children are kidnapped, and refugees are shot.”

A month has passed since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky In the last letter posted on Facebook on the night of Wednesday to Thursday (March 24) call back For this For more help in the fight against the Russians.

– We asked to close our paradise. We asked for effective and unlimited NATO assistance to Ukraine. We want whatever support we need with the weapons we need. – Russian forces are destroying our cities. Civilians killed. Women are raped. Children are kidnapped. Refugees are being shot at and humanitarian pillars are under attack – The President of Ukraine a number. He summed up: “Russian forces know no bounds to evil.”

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The police dismantled the criminal groupKrakow. The scammers wanted to steal the system for 915,000. zlotys. They could have made it

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