Forza Horizon 5 gets the ears, F1 22 gets simsed - Draug Motor . review
June 4, 2022, 22:21

In a week, the expansion pack for Forza Motorsport (8) and Forza Horizon 5 should be revealed. Before that, we can enjoy (?) a major update for Gran Turismo 7, a new trailer for F1 22, or the first Rennsport game.

two weeks ago I had a huge amount of news to address, and now, for a change, racing games are relatively quiet. Can the world hold its breath waiting for the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show (scheduled for June 12), where we’ll finally see miracles (hopefully) For nearly five years, Turn 10 Studios has been preparing us for its new Forzy Motorsport? I’d like to believe it would be a real “killer”… but for now, let’s check out what’s going on in the industry here and now.

Gran Turismo 7 crawls forward

I hardly mentioned it in a previous review Gran Turismo 7 Kazunori Yamauchi announced – and introduced – another Update (1.15). He announced, he was released – and once again disappointed fans.

Nine new races on world circuits It is certainly not enough if Polyphony Digital intends to develop its work at one update per month (and everything indicates that). Even worse, the creators stubbornly stick to the linear career structure and make the competitions available as another cafe menu, forcing players to go through them in a certain order.

And so, more and more I’m convinced that the single player mode is still just a multiplayer facility – just like in GTS. This is where life goes on, from the newly added time trials, through the daily races that change every week (don’t ask, I didn’t come up with that label), to pump-curated esports. Champions. In fact, it could have been a title Gran Turismo Sport 2.

But let’s not lose hope, that one day – in a year, two years, maybe three – a version will be released Specification 2.0. That would be an indication that GT7 Finally, it can be treated as a full-fledged game, leaving unofficial early access. As long as anyone will remember it after the release of the new version Forza Motorsport

Show, Patch 1.15 also added three new cars (shown in the video below) and a few other little things, it also made some “fixes” like To raise prices Most legendary cars or restore Christmas gifts (still quiet about selling owned cars). Feel free to send your previous post, if you are interested in the details:

  1. Gran Turismo 7 never gets spoiled again; Three new cars and an unfulfilled promise

Forza Horizon 5 is also coming for a change

You have shown so much kindness and understanding so far Forsy Horizon 5, because the Playground Games studio skillfully balances game overhaul and stuffing it with extra content. Now the balance has shifted and the developer has to tan the skin.

In fact, I should have been alerted when I watched the last broadcast of Forza Monthly (May 12), announcing Series 8 (launched May 26). Mike Brown and his chuckles didn’t say a word about the reforms targeting the game at the time. I thought then that we would receive a related message about this at the end of May. We have received the button.

Seven new cars (four paid), five clothes and five bugs fixed – this is the balance sheet Series 8. Are you surprised by my irritation? If so, let me explain that the number of problems bothers you FH5 It hasn’t decreased significantly in more than six months since the first show. Yes, many shortcomings – especially the most serious – have been removed, but many have remained in the game since November, and with subsequent updates, new ones have been added. Here are some glaring examples.

  1. Scammers constantly reign in the world rankings.
  2. AI ignores physics and plays sloppy (especially at the highest difficulty levels). surprisingly, FH4 Did not feel it.
  3. Improvement should be betterthe game is known to suffer from a temporary drop in the number of frames per second (I am playing on a powerful PC). FH4 It almost looked good and did a lot better.
  4. The lighting gets crazy regularly, for example in the interiors of cars without a roof, the screen can be terribly dark in the middle of the day, while every other camera has more or less normal light. Another error not found in FH4.
  5. There are still problems completing challenges in the Festival playlist – despite the fact that Playground Games has already addressed this issue several times.
  6. The game likes to appear on the desktop every now and then.
  7. I regularly see black spots or rainbow spots instead of the texture of the earth. FH4 It didn’t offer such oomph either.
  8. Many new cars have various errors in Forzavista mode (such as no magnification after opening the hood) which the developer is not eager to fix. Besides, the sounds in it are constantly accompanied by an abnormal echo.
  9. And the The creators have not shied away from explaining to anyone where the Abarth, Alfa Romeo or Lancia marks are located And do anything to get them back.

Yes, things work more than things that don’t, and I still have fun FH5However, I am angry with the developer’s attitude. I understand that at the moment he is secretly engaged in work on a big plus (which we should see in the meantime Xbox and Bethesda Games Gallery next Sunday), but that’s no excuse for such fundamental flaws as the ones listed above.

The main reason I have so much fun is that there are new cars being bought week after week – and the driving model is consistently great. Currently, on the festival playlist, waiting for you brand new Porsche 911 GT3 (Generation 992), which will be yours for completing activities worth a total of 20 points. DLC subscribers can also enjoy the 2018 Audi RS3 Sedan, and I got one a week ago BMW M8 competition 2020 coupe.

So you understand that I can’t get angry Forza. And perhaps in a week I will forget my bitterness when – or if – I see this long-awaited extension. But I will never forget until…

Forza Horizon 5 Gets the Ears, F1 22 Sims - Draug Engine Review - Illustration #1

2021 Porsche 911 GT3. It can’t be said that Playground Games doesn’t listen to players’ requests for cars – just a long time passes from hearing the request to fulfilling the request…

In F1 22 you make your own home

Until the first show F1 22 Less than a month left (it will happen on July 1), so the marketing campaign is gaining momentum. In the new trailer (below), Codemasters summarized all the main attractions and top news in the game.

As a sports ignorant, my attention is primarily on the F1 Life unit. Set it aside Personalize your home and characterswhich have clear associations with Sims (and creates an irresistible temptation to issue catchy headlines) that, of course, caught the eye, supercars. This is an item that fits the chain just like an SUV Forzy Motorsport. However, earlier in the course F1 I didn’t care at all, now I look at “twenty-two” with sincere curiosity.

It’s even more interesting because it’s probably the first chance to take a ride in any game with cars like Arthur Ferrari Roma or Arthur McLaren (full list questionable). over here). If only the physics of driving “civilian” machines were like car project From the last installments of the series Grid (I wouldn’t be surprised if these are models prepared by Slightly Mad Studios for needs PC 4 and “borrowed” from Codemasters to F1 22).

Rennsport takes interesting shapes

Two months ago, the German studio competition company announced Game Rain Sport. It seemed to me then that it would take a long time for the developer to move from bold promises and silent teasers to certain game material – two months was enough for him.

The creators organized in Munich Ceremonywhich they invited hundreds of esports and journalists to try out the alpha version Rain Sport. By the way, he found his way into the network First game rescue (You can see it below). judging by impressions On the RaceDepartment website, the game has a solid simulation foundation, although the producer still has a lot of work to do to improve details (and content creation).

The aspirations and serious intentions of the competition company are likely to be illustrated by the fact that the eyes of the participants in the event saw a conceptual model Porsche R . missionMoments later they were invited to test this extreme machine (1,073 HP) in-game on a special track Goodwood Hill Climb.

So it turns out that Rain Sport It will be more than “just” a GT3 racing simulator to compete with Assetto Corsa Competizione. And at that point, my interest in the position grew exponentially. I will definitely be reporting on its development in our Motorz ​​review.

Motokurier (SnowRunner, F1 manager)

  1. SnowRunner Got bigger DLC – Season 7: Compete and Conquer. The add-on offers a map in Tennessee, off-road racing and two adaptive devices. It looks interesting on paper, but the players are not satisfied – please refer to the separate player for details Messages about this subject. At the same time, a smaller DLC was released in two versions Land Rover Defender.
  2. Frontier Developments released a new one Movie Strengthen F1 Manager 2022 (less). This is a behind the scenes material with a title lasting over five minutes be the bossWhich covers the different aspects of managing a Formula 1 team.
  3. Free access to all content just ended RaceRoom . racing experienceand studio sector 3 ranked a discount On all cars and tracks in the game – every item will be 50% off by tomorrow. Great move, I will definitely transfer the creators to an account of tens of zlotys.
  4. Polyphony Digital isn’t the only one enjoying Toyota’s blessing. creators iRacing They announced that in the “future version” they will add to the game a different racing version of the new Toyota GR 86, destined for competitions. Toyota GR CupWhich is scheduled to open next year.
  5. cars 2 the left updated to version and – immediately after that – Again, we did not receive new content, and instead the developers focused on a large-scale improvement of the quality of the (many) cars already in the game, especially in the area of ​​physics. You will read the details over here.
  6. Milestone announces another extension for Hot Wheels Unleashed. Will be released July 14 Looney Tunes Expansion, where we find a location (theme park) and cars inspired by the title animation. The expansion pack will be part of the Season 3 Pass, available starting June 9.
  7. Arcade “Rally Car” Rush Rally Origins, which came out on PC in April, got a beta version. You will find it on steam.

If you want to make up for – or remember – previous Motorzeg reviews, I invite you over here. Below you will find a chronological list of texts.

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