Ladies and gentlemen, your honor!  The new film “Quack” was filmed in Lublin.  Can you recognize the place?

Ladies and gentlemen, Your Honor, this is Leszek Lichota as Rafał Wielczor. “Quack” is now available on Netflix and has quickly jumped to number one among the most watched films in Poland.

Not everyone knows that some scenes from the film adaptation “Quack Man” were filmed in Lublin! We were able to determine that this is it The new Netflix movie was filmed at the Lublin Open Air Museum.

The film officially premiered on Netflix on Wednesday (September 27) and quickly won the hearts of viewers. There is no shortage of positive opinions and sentimental words on the Internet.

Beautiful photography, perfectly cast actors, excellent music. I think the younger generation who didn’t watch the 82 version will like it. I personally liked it very much – wrote Lady Anna.

– There is a great story, excellent locations, scenography, sound and really good acting – echoes Mr. Powell.

– Beautiful movie and beautiful story. As usual, I was moved by watching the adventures of Leszek Leshota – wrote Ms. Iona.

In addition, the Lublin Village Museum is not the only local dialect in the “quack”. Insomnia Home & Restaurant also boasted its involvement in the production. The chef has prepared a seafood dish, which we will have the opportunity to see in two scenes.

– I don’t think there is anyone who does not know this movie. Entire generations have grown up eating it, and thanks to the new version filmed at the Lublin Open-Air Museum, our signature dish will remain in people’s memories forever. Who knows, maybe he will outlive us and the restaurant – we read in the restaurant’s profile.

This time, Leszek Lichota played Dr. Wilczor. The film also starred: Maria Kowalska as Maricia, the professor’s daughter, Ignacy Liss as Count Cziński and Anna Szymanczyk as Zosia. On screen we will also see, among others: Miroslav Haniszewski, Mikołaj Grabowski, Isabella Cunha, Pavel Tomaszewski, Malgorzata Mikołajczak and Lukasz Szczepanowski.

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