Labeaume and “Old Slippers”

Therefore, Regis Labeaume finds it sad that Denis Coderre wants to return to radical politics, because “old slippers like us, we have to make it clear.”

My question isoh1: The problem with “old slippers,” as Quebec's former mayor calls them, are they old or “sandals”?

My question isoh2: And young sandals, what do we do? Do they have to “destroy” the place too?

Because, as Presence sang: “Time doesn't matter / Whether we're twenty years old, we're grandfathers / Little fools from the last rain or old fools from the old snow / When you're fools, you're fools. .”

It's not the age of the liner that's the problem, it's the liner itself.

Long slippers!

He said it depends on time and context.

Take Ernest Sasson.

Composer Born in 1855 and died in 1899, Ernest Sasson – according to the France Archives website – was recognized for “the high aesthetics of his works”.

“Man, we say, is inspired and fascinated by his justice, his generosity and his great culture. The composer also doubles as a big-hearted humanitarian.

In short, at that time, being a Chosun was something!

As Ernest's son walked through the streets of Paris, people waved to each other and shouted, “It's a chausson!”

All the girls dreamed of being a part of the Chosun clan!

Had the composer not died in a bicycle accident at the age of 44, he might have earned his notoriety.

“Look at the old Chausson!”, someone would have pointed out and said admiringly.

Who knows? He might have been pressured to join politics!

“We need old Chausan!”

We can imagine the chants: “Chousan, it's Cal!”

Old again

But, well, I digress…

Let's return to Regis' comments.

It's funny, but when I look at the former mayor of Quebec, I see not an old man or a shoemaker, but a good fox with experience.

Experience enough not to embrace the whims of youth.

Because the white hair of those in positions of power in the sixties or seventies is not a problem: it is when they are afraid of being “old shoes”!

That's when they slip up!

God save us from the old who want to master the young!

Universities, museums, and large corporations are full of aging executives who are ashamed of their age and embrace every fashionable excuse to prove they're still “in the game.”

They are the ones disrupting the system!

There's nothing worse than an “old slipper” who thinks it's a “coco boot”!

They cause more destruction than a herd of small rabbits.

Because they have power!

So, no, dear Regis Labume, it's not the “old sandals” that need to go. These are “sandals”, period.

Brown-haired people who consider youth a virtue.

And people with gray hair dye the inside of their heads so they don't look their age.

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