Every year, millions of students all over the world look forward to their summer breaks. And, when they finally begin, it can be tempting to spend the entire time doing literally nothing. But there is a better way to spend your summer (not meaning you’ll have to give up on fun).

In this article, an expert essay writer from a trusted paper writing service DoMyEssay will share a list of the most exciting summer programs for students. Let’s dive in!

Pre-College Programs


When you get into college, you will face many issues and challenges. An intensive academic load, high expectations, and tons of homework can be pretty hard to handle for recent school graduates. And though you can always get professional essay help online, it’s better that you prepare yourself for college. And North Carolina State University can help you with that!

CAMINOS by NC State University is one of the best pre-college summer programs in the US. It is designed to help juniors and seniors make a smooth transition to college. So, if you are planning to enroll in college soon, be sure to join this program to make your journey seamless and enjoyable.

2. University of California, Davis

UC Davis offers another great opportunity for high school juniors and seniors. The school offers a wide range of great summer programs that cover a variety of subject areas. There are plenty of reasons to choose this opportunity. In fact, the pre-college programs offered by the University of California, Davis, are considered to be among the nation’s best. The two-week programs focus on exploring academic careers, improving students’ study skills, ensuring college readiness, and much more.

Volunteering Programs

3. Bali Wildlife Rescue Volunteers

If you love animals and wildlife and don’t mind spending 1 to 12 weeks in sunny Bali, this is a great program. Bali Wildlife Rescue Volunteers encourages students and gap-year takers to enroll in this exciting program to help care for endangered animals at the wildlife rescue center. It is an opportunity to travel and serve a good cause. And there is also the possibility of getting involved in additional activities focused on plastic pollution, environmental sustainability, etc.

4. South Africa English Teaching Volunteers

If you want to enroll in a summer volunteer program but don’t want to deal with animals and wildlife, there is another exciting opportunity. Students of higher education facilities from the US and UK are welcome in South Africa to teach English and other subjects to children from local government schools. There are full-year programs like this. However, there are also special summer opportunities for students who can’t spend so much time away from their homes.

Summer School Programs

5. Barcelona Social Summer

This is a two-week international summer school program organized by the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work of the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, Spain. The program is designed for international researchers and students from higher education facilities, and teachers as well. The main topics covered during the Barcelona Social Summer include various social challenges and trends that exist in the European Union these days.

This incredibly exciting summer program will help you learn more about such issues as interculturality, social policies, migrations, etc. At the same time, you will get a unique chance to travel to Spain and make many friends from around the world.

6. Imperial College Business Summer School

Another exciting abroad summer school opportunity for undergraduates and graduates (under 5 years of professional experience) is the Imperial College Business Summer School. This opportunity enables students from all over the globe to study in one of the world’s best business schools to enrich and develop their knowledge and practical skills.

The program covers the most important business-related topics. Namely, you will study business analytics, business consulting & strategy, digital marketing, principles of finance, and machine learning & applied statistics.

7. Imperial Global Summer School

What if you are not in college yet? Luckily for all high school students out there, the worldwide famous Imperial College has another two-week program designed specifically for students between 16 and 18 years. This summer STEM program is available for students from all over the world. Those who enroll in it receive a chance to live and study in the heart of London and expand their knowledge in such STEM subjects as medicine and life sciences, engineering, and physics. Truly a great way to spend your summer meaningfully!

The Bottom Line

Whether still in school or already in college, getting into a student summer program is a great way to spend your summer break meaningfully and beneficially. As you now know, there are plenty of opportunities for this.

Each of the programs we shared with you here has something for everyone. These programs let you prepare for college, do something good for an environment, travel, and take your skills and knowledge to an entirely new level. So, choose something that works best for you, and let this summer be the best one in your life!

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