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A famous actress and , Which stands alone in the Telemundo network, has now found a more lucrative business than the small screen: selling hair creams and beauty products.

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The 36-year-old translator made a name for himself in the soap opera world thanks to his outstanding talent, but despite his success as a heroine and adversary, he decided to retire from the screen to dedicate himself to his family and his career as an entrepreneur, believing that there would be more profit than there was on the recording set. He promises.

What is the total millionaire of XIMENA DUQUE income from the sale of beautiful products?

Jimina Duke on her Instagram account on September 24, 2019, joined a multi-level company and started an adventure with the sale of beauty products, saying it was very profitable. He counted the first months he got a car, the year before he made a million dollar profit. This year 2021, he promises to reach a huge number.

“I made almost $ 3 million in almost two years”, The former Telemundo star, revealed through his Instagram stories.

“I did not tell you this for giving it to me, I tell you, because you can make the money you want here. There is no ceiling here, no limit, no one will tell you how much you owe or deserve to win, it’s yours.Now the business woman has 4.2 million followers on her account, where she offers beauty advice and posts inspiring news.

The actress of “Queen of the South”, “The House Next Door” and “Brave Heart” insists that her dedication to selling independently has empowered her, allowing her to spend more time with her family and be free. A channel must comply with the requirements.

“I rediscovered myself (…) For more than 15 years on television, I have never felt so satisfied as I do nowI’m no longer the exclusive actress of a channel Gymna, I have to do what they say, today I am an independent girl Gimina Decide for yourself what you want to do in your life. Today I can say that thanks to #Monat I have financial freedom and I am free to do whatever I want. Doing things is not because you want to, but because it makes a big difference in your life. ” An excerpt from the news release states that he is next to a Cadillac film that he is thankful for his new feature.

He has spent more than three years from acting, and even though she loses her, she promises to love her freedom. Time will tell whether he will return to the screen or not.

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Simina Duke was born on January 30, 1985 in Cali, Colombia. Her parents were German Duke and Clara Giraldo.

In 1997, when he was 12, he moved with his family to Miami, Florida. There, eager to achieve her dreams, she began studying acting, discourse and pronunciation neutrality with the support of her mother. He has participated in several internationally acclaimed soap operas for American television stations focusing on the Latin market, such as Telemundo.

He is married to actress Jay Atkins (his third wife) and has three children: Kristen Carabias Duke, 17, Luna Atkins Duke, 3; And Sky Atkins Duke, born in 2021 this year.

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