KSW 64: Live Results.  Who won their duels?

KSW 64. Sebastian Brzebiz – Bruno Santos

The battle of the evening will be a fight for the belt of the Union in the weight of the cock. Sebastian Brzebiz will defend his title against Bruno Santos. For a Polish warrior, the Saturday fight is a very important event in his career. For the first time our player will defend his belt. Sebastian won the title after an amazing fight with Anton Rasic. Both men made a big, five-sided fight, which impressed the whole environment of mixed martial arts in our country. In the end, our player was the winner. Hopefully the same will be true tonight as well. Bruno Santos will compete for the championship for the second time. He first tried his chance when Raci was the master. Then Anton turned out to be better. In the second battle for KSW, Santos faced Paweł Polityka. Both warriors did not give up, and showed great art both standing and on the ground floor. How will it be this time?

KSW 64. Marius Podzianowski – Sirine Osman Zia

In addition to fighting for the championship belt, fans will watch a “super heavyweight” match. Marius Bodzjanovsky will finally face Senegalese giants Cyrine Ousmane Diaa. Let us remind you that this duel was to take place at the beginning of the year. Both players were already weighing in and were only hours away from the match. However, the famous Bombardier began to feel very bad with abdominal pain. The Senegalese man was immediately taken to hospital and diagnosed with acute appendicitis. So there was no question of fighting. After the whole situation, the owners of the Federation promised that they would do everything to achieve this duel. And as it turns out, they kept their word.

While waiting to fight with the Senegalese wrestler, Marius wasted no time. First, he quickly crushed Nikola Milanovic, who eventually replaced Dia in the cage, and then faced Poland’s MMA and KSW legend, Łukasz Jurkowski. The fans received a big fight that no one was going to let go of. In the end, in the later parts of this duel, Pudzian turned out to be better, crushing Juras on the ground floor and winning the duel.

Serigne Ousmane Dia has little cage experience, but she is very strong and powerful. Pudzian will have to pay attention to his opponent, so as not to bring him to the ground floor, because it can be very difficult to get out from under a 150-kilogram wrestler. For Marius, the key will be to survive the first moments of the fight and wait for Zia. When he begins to lack oxygen, Marius must attack the Senegalese and deny them illusions of victory on Saturday night.

KSW 64. Sylwia Juśkiewicz – Karolina Owczarz

This party will also include a women’s match. Perhaps the most beautiful face of KSW – Karolina Owczarz – returns to the octagon. The competitor, formerly known as the Polsat Journalist, had five MMA fights behind her. After three consecutive victories, in November 2020, a player from Lodz had to acknowledge the superiority of Justina Haba. A few months ago, Carolina entered the octagon again and this time it turned out to be better than Monica Kucinich, winning the judges’ decision. Today he will have a chance to win his fifth fight of his career.

The victory will not be easy, because her opponent will be the most experienced Seluya Gokevich. The opponent, who is also from ód, has won 15 fights and a balance of 9 victories and 5 defeats. Sylwia lost in her last fight, which debuted at KSW, to Karolina Wójcik by the judges’ decision. Did you win your first in the union today?

KSW 64. Interesting combat card

In addition to the above-mentioned fights, fans who gathered in front of the televisions and in the stands of Lodz Arena will not see less interesting clashes, for example between Daniil Rutkowski and Filip Bejic. The competition between players who have not tasted defeat yet promises to be great. Robert Rocha will play 5-0 against Patrick Kashmarczyk with a 7-0-0 balance sheet. In addition, Michal Petrzak will face a very demanding Shamil Musaev.

KSW 64. Live results of battles. who won?

  • 61.2 kg: Sebastian Brzebiz (9-2) Defeated Bruno Augusto dos Santos (10-3) via Give up (inverted triangle) Round 3, 4:20 – About the belt
  • +120.2 kg: Marius Podzianowski (16-7, 1 N/C) beat Serigne Ousmane “Bombardier” Dia (2-1) story (Punch), Round 1, 0:18
  • 65.8 kg: Daniel Rutkowski (13-2, 1 N/C) Defeated Filip Begic (15-6-2) by a margin story (High kick) 2nd round 2:11
  • 65.8 kg: Robert Rocha (6-0) Defeated Patrik Kachmarczyk (7-1) unanimous decision
  • 77.1 kg: Shamil Musaev (15-0-1) vs. Michai Petrzak (10-4-1) – majority draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28).
  • 56 kg: Siluya Jokevich (10-6) She defeated the Carolina Oxars (4-2) by a narrow margin Unanimous decision of the judges
  • 83.9 kg: Cesare Cusic (13-1) He defeated Marcin Krakowiak (11-4) by a narrow margin Who is the (Punches, interrupt the referee), third round, 0:17
  • 83.9 kg: Jason Radcliffe (17-8) Defeated Albert Odzimkowski (11-6) by Who is the (Punches to the ground) Round 1, 3:42
  • 93 kg: Omar Sy (5-0) defeated Adam Tomasek (5-1) via Who is the (Punches on the ground) 1st round 1:22

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