Bad news for Polish jumpers, it wasn’t supposed to be this way.  “The reality is very painful”

After the season opens Ski Jumping World Cup In the Finnish language, Ruka, there are more questions than answers. The form of the Polish competitors is particularly puzzling and worrying, as they have had problems not only progressing to the final series of competitions, but also qualifying for the main competitions. It seems the worst is over Camille Stochwhich is over He had no reason to be satisfied.

I didn’t really believe in today’s leap. I don’t want to say it’s a bad idea to train, but I don’t feel good on this hill. “There were a lot of changes in my jumps at once, and I got a little lost in everything,” he told the Eurosport camera.

It also seemed alarming Statement by David Kubacki. Asked by Damian Michałowski to point out Words by Thomas ThornbichlerWho announced one-on-one conversations with players and declared that he wanted “their jumps to be more passionate and to be from the heart”, expressed his doubts.

Well, in my opinion this is not the right way. Here you need to focus on the basics, what is easy to do, and not just break these jumps into a million pieces, because it doesn’t help. And when I talked to him, it was probably in that direction. Let’s not confuse it, let’s not break it into a million parts, because if I split my focus into seven different things, none of them will work well. This is my assumption and I stand by it. They argued with me a bit and wouldn’t let me go further down that path, but we’ll probably talk again today (Sunday – note).

~ – said on TVN.

Such a public presentation of the issue was met with The Austrian coach’s reaction. He expressed his understanding of the feelings of both jumpers, beat his chest and revealed that he had already spoken privately with Stoch. “I was probably too insulting in terms of the way we worked, the way we wanted to go. Now we are trying to find the right balance“ – explained at WP SportoweFakty.

However, this did not end the matter at all. His former coach is taking him now Kazimierz Dogopolski.

Thomas Turnbichler: I wasn’t sure if Davut Kubacki wanted to keep doing it. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Warning regarding Stoch, Kubacki, Żyła and company. ‘I don’t expect a breakthrough’

Dlugopolski sees no reason for optimism. At the moment, it is difficult for him to say that the Polish national team is moving forward, even.”In small steps“It is confirmed that in the Roca, Kamil Stoč and Aleksander Znieszczul did not succeed in qualifying, and Piotr Szyla and Dawid Kubacki also jumped to the final, but their attempts placed them only in the third ten places.

First of all, players in this category aim to reach the highest places possible, and there was a huge gap between them and the top. Second, it is important to remember to reduce national quotas. If it weren’t for this, our duo probably would have been eliminated sooner anyway. The reality is very sad

~ – Diagnosis in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

There will soon be an opportunity to improve your level and ratings. It is scheduled for the weekend of December 2-3 Competitions in Lillehammer. But the former coach does not promise them much. “I wasn’t expecting a breakthrough. The problem is serious,So our representatives need a lot of time to solve it. Maybe the form will come for the Four Hills Championship. “There are no guarantees,” he warns, adding that “the problems with Polish ski jumping have been with us for a long time,” but they were previously unnoticeable because “we were defended by an iron trio made up of Stoch, Zila and Kubacki.”

Thomas Thornbichler seems to have a more positive attitude. In an interview with Interia Sport He reveals that the last training sessions before the competition in Norway showed that “everything is moving forward.” He has an idea on how to improve the overall situation.

We worked really hard over the summer. However, it was different, because we had players with different problems. It definitely had an impact. Basically, we had a great time during this time. Players may need more time for this work to translate to their jumps. We have to put the puzzle together and show it in competition. Some people will show good jumps faster, others slower. “We will definitely fight and get back to where we are.”

Thomas Turnbichler/Matthews Perecki/Reporter

Kamil Stoč, Piotr Sjella, and Davut Kubacki/Christoph Stach/AFP/France Press agency

Polish team: Piotr Zyla, Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch, and Aleksander Znieszczol./Gore Makovic/AFP/France Press agency

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