HBO GO: What is a weekend movie?  From 23 to 24 October 2021

A movie for the weekend? New series? HBO GO brings you some exciting news this week. See what’s worth seeing.

HBO kicked off this week with a really strong welcome. The third season of the series has appeared Succession. This position is for everyone who loves intrigues, intrigues and betrayals. We will see the rest of the fate of the Roy family and their media empire. The struggle for power there becomes more and more brutal.

Today, in turn, a famous movie appeared Minority Report. Tom Cruise plays John Anderton, head of the Prevention Agency. It deals with the detention of persons who, according to the agency’s fortune teller, will commit a crime in the future. However, the visions are not complete. It is enough for a fortune-teller to issue the same ruling. The minority title report is ignored, Anderton’s only hope.

Tomorrow will be the release of the most famous movie about a man who flew into space to enter the bookcase. Are you curious about what’s going on? Watching a good movie Interstellar. A must see for every science fiction fan. For fans of wormholes.

There will also be a movie tomorrow 200 meters. This is literally what separates Mustafa and his wife Salva. However, the Palestinian family is divided because of a wall that Israel built. He lives on the Palestinian side, but Israel still controls his side. When Mustafa learned that his child was in the hospital, she wanted to penetrate the other side. At any price.

research: HBO GO – What Happens This Week? October 17 2021

research: HBO GO: What is a weekend movie? October 9-10, 2021

Image source: unplash, own

Text source: Hbo go, own

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