Kogel-Mogel is back.  Fans protest: embarrassment

The film “Kogel-Mogel” won the hearts of viewers, but the first two parts, directed by Roman Zalowski, are considered the best. After the success of both films in 1988 and 1989, it was time for a big comeback. But the director changed, and for many, the quality of the production. And now Maciej Zakoselny has officially announced the preparations for the fifth part, and the viewers are not hiding their disappointment.

On August 23, Maciej Zakoselny made the official announcement on his Instagram account The fifth part of the legendary comic is now being created.

Today I can officially say.. we have released pictures of the new Kogel Mogla. I missed the weirdo Peter

wrote in his profile.

We will see Katarzyna Skrzynica again in the movie, but the story has not yet been revealed. Although little is known about the new sequel, many people have already written it off. Fans of the series accuse the producers that both “Miszmasz, or kogel-mogel 3” and “The End of the World, or kogel-mogel 4” differ greatly in quality and atmosphere from the films made in the 1980s.

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