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The stars talked about the new film Blanca Lipinska. The production was inspired by her relationship with Barron. Does the musician have anything to fear?

Blanca Lipinska He is the author of popular novels. The book is titled 365 days. The work was shown, which was a huge hit on Netflix. At the end of the month, a continuation of this film will be released on the platform: 365 days: today. The writer does not give up her career and is already preparing another film.

As claimed, the script of the film that they It will depend in part on her relationship history with the musician baronwhich expired in 2020.

Yes, Alexander and I broke up a few days ago. It is a very difficult time for me, and fortunately, I spend with my loved ones in a beautiful place. A huge request to the media and fans, don’t bother with it, there’s enough pain inside me that I’m trying to hide. The relationship between two public figures was necessarily related to the media, and I hope that is not the case. I like to share positive energy with people, but I like to experience suffering only in the presence of my friends. Let everyone who wants to talk about it (especially journalists) remember how it feels when the relationship ends. I also count on Alec for a little sympathy on your part. This is my only official comment to both the media and people watching me on social media – I reported shortly after breaking off the relationship.

Jastrząb Post reporter asked Blanca some questions about the new film.

Blanka Lipinska about the new movie. The baron has cause for concern?

The author told us about the nature of the new production.

This is an interesting story. Furthermore, to remember that I am inspired by my life. I really respect authors who are able to sew something into their stories that they have no idea about. And I don’t, because I’m not a writer. I’m creative and this is just a coincidence. I can only express myself in my works on topics I know. On top of that, a lot of people were very curious about how it all started, etc. There will be a lot of truth in this story.

She also said how she can interact with the movie baron. She admitted that no one likes to see themselves through the eyes of others.

we will see. It’s hard to see yourself through the eyes of others. This will only be my vision. It will be as it will be. You will add some color to it, but the truth will remain anyway, because I think that many of the situations that have occurred must be individual. It would be a bit like z 365 days – I said that 365 stories have already happened, but I will never say where is 80% and where is 20%. So you will never know where the fantasy is and where the truth is. However, I think viewers will be very pleased with this movie.

Our reporter asked Blanca if baron He called her and asked her not to show everything in the movie.

He hasn’t called, and I don’t think he will. I am also curious about what will happen after the movie.

She replied if she was afraid of that baron can sue her.

To my knowledge, no. I do not use first and last name, the story is inspired, so we give everything by implication. But then we will have to wait for a while.

Curious about Blanca’s new production?

Anna Maria Cicluca for Blanqui

Our reporter also spoke with the actress about this Anna Maria Ciclucaknown for playing Laura Bell in the film 365 days. Would you like to play in her new friend’s production?

I will keep it a secret. I know the script and I know what’s going on. But let this remain a measure of uncertainty for followers and observers.

Do you think the movie will win? 365 days?

It will be different. Everyone has his own tastes. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to talk about it, because I will give my opinion and there will be a lot of other people who will say theirs. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for the success of this project and Blanca’s success. Time will tell. Blanca wins because she’s real. What I wish all people very much. I think he will have a lot of recipients and supporters for the upcoming production.

In the end, she answered (or, in fact, avoided answering) the question of whether fans baron He will also be satisfied with the production.

Tomato – cut by Anna.

Are you waiting for a new movie?

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